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EnglishLooking for an old RPG pc game (probably late 90s)

What I remember: If you punched a chicken it was running headless left and right leaving a trail of blood. There was a guard on a bridge that wouldn't let you pass in a certain area in the beginning. (If you punched him, he wasn't feeling anything like a bug touched him) Screen transitioning/loading was similar to Zelda: A Link to the past. You could move between different screens on 4 directions. Up,right,down,left Not 100% sure: You started as a villager/farmer. Hero was wearing red and blue.

bchsolo1 1 month ago
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Krystin burchers 1 month ago Correct
Dink Smallwood
bchsolo1 1 month ago
Yes !!! This was it. haha so they were ducks instead of chickens. Thanks for finding it.
Jude Anyaegbu 1 month ago
Are u talking FABLE 2? IT work same way.
Coconuticecream 1 month ago
Is it this one?