Supported cryptocurrencies:
BCH Bitcoin Cash
XTZ Tezos

Welcome to Bitfortip

How to post an inquiry at the platform?

When you registered unique coin addresses for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, NANO and Tezos are generated in your account. Once you fund your account with as little as 0.0001 you will be able to submit an inquiry at the platform.

When do I earn the cryptocurrency reward on the platform?

If your answer is marked as correct by the inquirer, your account will be credited.

How do I withdraw?

Click withdraw, choose the Amount + currency, feel the withdrawal address, click submit, then verify the withdrawal on your email.

Listing process of a new coin on Bitfortip

If you represent a coin community and would like it to be implemented as an incentive on it's 50.000+ users you can submit your proposal at [email protected] with the following details:

Title: Listing proposal of [name of your coin]

Email body must include the following:

Size of your community.

Proof of healthy blockchain.

Your payment offer.(Offers start from $20.000).

Payment can be done on BTC, BCH, NANO and Tezos.