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EnglishMultiple public websites using same IP?

I want to host multiple websites using the IP given by my hosting provider, whats the best way to do this?

Mat9999 1 month ago
  • Networking

yfhjjb 1 month ago
Multi task ip window
David King 1 month ago
You need to login cpanel and hit add domain in cpanel. What hosting provider are you using?
Mat9999 1 month ago
I don't use Cpanel, I use ssh to access my linux server. I also use Jetty webserver. I don't know man, I think I need to use "virtual hosts". I'm just going to bite the bullet and add another IP to the server. An extra $5 a month.
David King 1 month ago
Try and follow directions
kimo2 1 month ago
Use Nginx server blocks like this:
kimo2 1 month ago
I mean, you can use Nginx as reverse proxy server in front of Jetty. Just configure Jetty to run multiple apps and then configure Nginx as a front-end.
Hkn 1 month ago
With Virtual Hosting and SNI - Server Name Indication
Sam Piano 1 month ago
Ok, so you’re using a Linux server — you will need to configure virtual hosts for the web server you have installed.

For nginx, it’s pretty simple, you just make a new config file for every website, and change the server_name directive.

You can do the same thing using Apache by configuring the ServerName directive.
Sam Piano 1 month ago Correct
This enables you to host multiple websites on one IP by having a different domain for each one.

If you want to host multiple websites and access them via the server’s IP, you should create new server configurations and change the port for each one.
Mat9999 1 month ago
That seems like the simplest solution, just change the port for every web server instance. I thought however, it needs to be at port 80(http) or 443(https). Will look into it.
burak 1 month ago
use cloud services. amazon, google etc.
Mat9999 1 month ago
Ok so I found a nice solution. I use cloudflare for easy ssl integration and ddos mitigation. I found a nice app after searching it's app store. It's called portzilla(a reverse proxy), it allows me to easily redirect traffic from any domain to any port number using the same IP address. I'm using it's free trial and it costs around $5 a month, similar to obtaining a second IP, the advantage is that it is easy to manage.