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EnglishIs there a way to host files so that an application is remotely executable via a web link?

Please find me a free remote pc hosting service where I can upload some files, create a shortcut and anyone with whom I share it is able to run the application and interact with it remotely

KOSkost 3 months ago

Winston 3 months ago
thekinglife 3 months ago
vee la información, espero te sirva
Mr.Trenzs 3 months ago
You can use RemotePC .It is a easy one. It's link is
porya 3 months ago
If you want to provide a host for the service, it costs money, but I suggest that it is both free and you can upload the file and others can access it !! You can enter the link below and prepare a Google form and do your cartoon! !simply
porya 3 months ago
kimo2 3 months ago
I'm not sure if such a free service exists, but you can try to share your desktop (your own pc) using teamviewer, skype, zoom etc.
web apps are remotely executable via a web link, but you need web hosting...
Tolga 3 months ago
C# üzerinden yeni bir yazılım oluşturulabilir bir database üzerine kurulu
Gazi Demir 3 months ago
You can find it on internet
brian cook 3 months ago
amazon has some services like that you can both share the same VM or similar
Dreyson jeffery 3 months ago
If you want to access the remote desktop application via the web browser you will need a HTML5 VNC client. A popular one is Gaucamole @ It can be configured to view only a single application instead of the remote desktop.
If you want the website to work as a trigger for remote applications and want the remote applications to work like they are being run on the client machine. This can be done over Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). I have seen this work flawlessly, but it requires a ton of work.
Etim George 3 months ago
AWS Free Tier
Angel 3 months ago Try this :)
Praveen Moule 3 months ago
Thinfinity Virtual UI is the best solution for you
mitra 3 months ago
mitra 3 months ago
With access to the internet, you can use Anydesk software. in this software, you'll have a code that you can remote your pc with other devices but it needs the internet for both systems. also, you can use a windows sharing system like one-drive or dropbox it's maybe better because of saving the document on a server that you can have access to each system that you want
mitra 3 months ago
maybe it helps
Lucky020 3 months ago
Wanele 2 months ago
Check Amazon
Alex 2 months ago
Yes you can use php.exe Function program remotely?
Emrah 2 months ago
Özge 2 months ago
İnternetten bulabilirsiniz
ali 2 months ago
ali 2 months ago
Ferran 2 months ago
Harun Moidin 2 months ago Correct
I suggest 2 options.
- - All the services you need to build, deploy, and run an app in the cloud, without paying a cent.
- - Connect to a computer remotely. AnyDesk works across all your devices and operating systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, FreeBSD and even your Raspberry Pi!