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EnglishFind me a slot machine pc software or how to customize such software in order to show for example somebody's face photo on the spinning reel instead of e.g triple 777's

In general I would like to find a slot machine where I can customize it with my own image files. So for example instead of triple 7s it will show a persons complete face. You get the idea.

KonstantinosKostoulas 7 months ago

Mohammed Greballah 7 months ago
try these
Phil Bartlett 7 months ago Correct
GambleKit is a free open-source C++ object oriented library for quick and easy building of slot machine and gambling games with reels and GUI management.
KonstantinosKostoulas 7 months ago
Awesome man!!!!! Thank you!!!!
kimo2 7 months ago
Slot machine game:
Source code (node.js):
Just edit src/assets/atlas.png
kimo2 7 months ago
Jackpot 5 (HTML5 browser app):