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EnglishPlease tell me how this is called and where can I buy it from

It is used to stir iced beverages in cafes

KonstantinosKostoulas 8 months ago

kimo2 8 months ago Correct
granita / slushie machine ???
debgamer123 8 months ago
De’Longhi Dinamica TrueBrew Over Ice
MD 8 months ago
You will get it from nearby shops
Miss Mike 7 months ago
Come on everybody. That is a stirstick. People make collections of them all over the world. They can be plastic, glass, metal, etc. They have been shown on the British Antique Roadshow. Really!
jdanielx 8 months ago
It is a slush machine, you can find it almost anywhere such as coffee shops, candy stores, shopping centers, bakeries
Faranglove 8 months ago
Frozen beverage station and mixing machine