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EnglishLooking for a good suggestion for a birthday present for a 25-year-old girl.

I am out of ideas and looking for something good/unique. Budget around $80. Thanks

MrBrooke 5 months ago
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DiceJake 5 months ago
You can get it here
wozlonobs 5 months ago
send her some cryptocurrency..preferably NANO itself.. It could be a start of an investment and maybe educate her a little about blockchain and financial independence.. sound pretty unique to me !!
eraldocoil 5 months ago Correct
A vibrator, or a boyfriend, or rollerskates, or more than 80 dollars,

It depends on why ur buying it, r u buying it to make her happy or r u buying it cuz u urself needs to give her a gift becuz of some occasion like her birthday and u just want it to at least be a good gift, becuz if it just a gift to make her happy then u can give her pretty much anything anomonously.

A helicopter ride those r pretty cheap, or a trip to go skydiving,

If shes 25 then she prob has her own money so knowing what she likes isnt really gonna help becuz she wouldve bought it herself, and if u give her something like an album from a band she likes then theres still a high chance she isnt gonna reeeeally like it and even if she does something that personal might her feel awkward. It could only be something she doesnt know she wants or something she really wants but doesnt know how to get (like a t shirt from a low def video that she doesnt know what it says so she cant find it) or something she wants but is too embarrassed or cheap to get (especially if she lives with other people in her house) like a dildo or ryan and seans excellent adventure, or really anything, if shes the type to not want to buy or ask for anything then there could be lots of stuff she really really wants but still doesnt hav becuz she just really doesnt wanna buy it. And u cant really ask her, and that type of thing (what she wants) is hard to decyfer just by looking at what she does. So id say ur best bet is getting her something really really good that everyone would want that she doesnt know she wants.

So here r some things off the top of my head that i kinda want so in turn she might want aswell.

A hooker, a onewheel, cocaine, heelies, vr, a fleshlight, nightvision goggles, a great big cock, comedic hat, springshoes, beverly hills ninja on dvd, an ocarina, propaganda i mean memoribilla or replicas from something she likes, electronics that she might need like a computer, laptop, phone, or system, a skin jacket (u know like leather or something), if shes low fashion then u could buy some good clothes unlike the drivel she normal wears, but if shes high fashion the shes likely to not wanna wear ur gift becuz it prob wont be as fashionable on her as much as she normally is and shell accept it awkwardly, a gift of anykind from someone she really likes, someone she likes, someone who knows a good gift to get her and doesnt ask for help online, a pony, a live show from nickelback(not even joking they dont get much biznes and theyre prob pretty cheap to get in the first place and if they know theyre doing it for a hot girls party then with a bit of charm they might do it for free), a great big cock, gay hat, sonic shoes, sonic the movie, an invisibility cloak(i actaully have a pretty good cone mirror design that i think wil cause invisibility), the first 27 seasons of wild n out, a gun, mace, a fedora, a jet ski, a driveable piano, oh heres something good so hear me out on this one, in agent cody banks cody flies this thing thats like a helicopter blade attached to a long pole and at the bottom is a platform u can stand on, so i looked into it and in the 70s there was a kit made for kids and shit which was this exact same thing but made out of wood and it was cheap as shit and all u had to do was assemble it and attach a lawnmower engine (or any small engine) and it would literally be that easy and cheap to build a homemade open concept helicopter.

Netflix, amazon prime, hulu, ok not hulu, a toy lightsaber (not one of those plastic ones that are like a decending thing where the cylinders go inside of eachother so that it can come out, but instead one of those stationary plastic ones with a light inside that makes it look like its comeing out, and it has the sound effects and shit and its so much fuck cooler than the other pieces of shit and theyre like the sam fucking price goddamn it, a toy bb8, anime, naruto jacket, i dont fukin know, aaaaaaaaa something thats like a regular gift and she thinks ur giving it to her for that but she realizes that the components can easily change this item into a great sex toy and she wont even know thats y u gav it to her, drake and josh the series, drew and jacob the episode, a treehouse, a metal foundry, fireworks, a chance to chop down a tree in a public park illegally but secretly, she wouldnt otherwise do it unless u obligated the chance on her. Oh a livestream concert from her favorite band specifically playing just for her, a book of advice, something to jumpstart her wanted carreer but not in like a cringey useless way like buying her a not that great camera if she wants to be a photagrapher, but actually put in the research and not get her a book of photography tips for money if she can find the same tips for free online, something actaully useful to the carreer she wants to be in. Money, bitcoin, a party at a fancy resurant, scent of a woman on dvd, a ds, switch, wii, xbox, ps3, ps4, ps2, a tv, a webcam to jumpstart that career theres a gift for everyone, a cat, a pussy, yes thats it shes prob a little bi so get her a lady escort, dick shoes, the worst most cringiest gift u can possibly think of as like a gag gift like socks or a terrible shirt that says i am stupid with an arrow pointing to the left or a jimmy buffet shirt or haha heres a good one, a dildo and a webcam. An ae86, a samiurai swod, im out of ideas
MrBrooke 5 months ago
OMG, you made me laugh. :D :D A+ effort. Some good suggestions on your answer. I will reward you.
tkron31 5 months ago
A 25 year old would probably appreciate a gift card for a place where she shops frequently. Maybe a grocery store or her favorite retailer?
stealingkarma 5 months ago
If your her boyfriend a girl would love a promise ring, a necklace with some sort of meaning behind it, or a charm bracelet. You could purchase charms as gifts at other times or holidays that have meaning. Something to show you care in a romantic way most girls love that I know I did.

Essential oils and diffuser. A tattoo or get ones together. I am a 30 year old women. I usually like gifts that have some sort of meaning to them. I'll think of more ideas and come back to this.
bmw 5 months ago
I think you get a good $ 80 perfume
Onlinework941 5 months ago
Many people value experiences over material items, so consider how you might give the person something that will create a fun experience for them. Look into local events, concerts, restaurants, and other activities that the person might enjoy to get ideas.

You can purchase a time-saving gift, or offer the time-saving service yourself, which is a great option if you don’t have a lot of money to spend

Simplest of all, give her something she needs or will use everyday.
jasgues 5 months ago
Forget the money, gift yourself
MrBrooke 5 months ago
haha LOL XD
Lomo101 5 months ago
You can get her a necklace with a matching outfit
pereira 5 months ago
uma viagem a 2