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EnglishHow can I further promote

Got any good idea? It has already been mentioned in a few sites and forums as well as a little in social media...<br /> <br /> The giveaways that I have been giving sadly don't work, as everybody is withdrawing the funds instead of using them in the site to post inquiries.

Bitfortip 8 years ago
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erikalui 8 years ago
You can promote the website by creating a Twitter group/Facebook group/Google plus group and also promoting it on Craigslist via das that get more recognition. Youtube videos can be a plus.
hermesesus 8 years ago
A smartphone app (eg Android, iOS) would be nice: people could ask and answer questions wherever they are.

About promotion: you should promote in non-english speaking forums and sites (french, german, spanish...). Asking a question in your native language is easier.
Bitfortip 8 years ago
There is an Android app. If you type bitfortip on playstore you will see it.
hermesesus 8 years ago
That's why you should focus on promoting this android app :)
Aiman Siddiq 8 years ago
Maybe making a referral thing so people share it with referral link as they also get profit ? I guess
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Yes referrals might be interesting.
wadiihaha 8 years ago
you can try advertize (on ) it in other faucets s bitcoiners can see it and join the website
Nonos 8 years ago
Make more white backlinks. They will upgrade the sites Google rank and also it will be seen by more people in google results. Work with your social media network and find people using bitcoin. Everyday i get followers on Twitter by Bitcoin-related accounts. If you are able to pay then you can use adsense or facebook promoting(both are targeted advertising via several criterias).

Διάβασε και αυτό θα σε βοηθήσει αρκετά.
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Ich habe noch nicht die Marketing-ebook erhalten
Nonos 8 years ago
It's in greek but is really helpful.
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Et tu, Brute?
syence 8 years ago
The most effective way to promote a service such as this is to emphasize on the answers. If answers that are being given are thought out to their furthest extent and renowned to be correct by an exceptional degree (and in a timely manner), it will sell itself. People will only resort to services such as this if they are looking for anonymity and accuracy. To promote this A) Simply state that there is a wage to be made B) Accuracy, speed, and possibly anonymity and C) Word of mouth to friends and family. Personal promotion is what I have found to be the most effective.
Tokumeii 8 years ago
You can promote the site by social media or just direct interaction with other people! Many people use this method and it's quite effective.
Hade Alahmad 8 years ago
promote in foreign languages other than English... try Arabic, Malay, Hindu, and hit a new audience
Florin Dumitrescu 8 years ago
A quiq ideea: Make a free hotspot for other people to connect wirreless. To access the free hotspot you get a link with your faceebook page. Instead of username and password to connect make a link who will share your on faceebook your page. Is kind of ussefull.If you like my ideea you please contact me to give you a example:) . This thing wont be able to post in the name of peoples. They will have to share for FREE WIFI. (i would share a link to have free WI-FI, you don't?).
Sahniyat Rahman 8 years ago
You should redesign the website layout. Your website more options. You can add the option to chat.
TBZ1 8 years ago Correct
Bitcointalk signature campaign, but people might not like the current functionality here. Some things I'm missing: email notifications on answer replies, email notifications on new questions, ability to append to answer without requiring questioner to reply first, questioner gets email notification when answers come in?
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Yes, you are right. Email notifications should be implemented and have a tick box if the member wants to deactivate them. No, questioner doesn't get an email when answers come in. How effective is a bitcointalk signature campaign?
TBZ1 8 years ago
No idea, my signature is full of my own ventures but it seems like no revenue. Though the sig campaigners must be doing it for a reason.
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Yes, it gives them exposure.I might try it in the imminent future. I like the idea with the emails. Being notified when a new inquiry is posted as it will remind old users of the site. I might also need to include an explanation in the emails as some members don't understand how bitfortip works. Thanks
Dinuka Pinnaduwa 8 years ago
Share about it on forrums
sterspilf 8 years ago
By joining the Bitvisitor profit sharing affiliate program. All you need to do is refer visits one of Bitvisitor's advertiser's sites -Do this by using the following URL to promote Bitvisitor across social networking sites, forums and blogs:
Krishna Pokharel 8 years ago
You can promote it through social Media. Word of mouth is another alternative.
Amna Sami 8 years ago
You can earn more bitcoins by asking people to follow & buzz you off by making an fb page or group & hosting small contests
benaustin 8 years ago
a great way to promote is by giving users a reference link to shear on their various social media platforms to get people to sign up and also encouraging people with blogs to advertise the link and earn more bit coins
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Yes, reference link can help. Thing is that visitors need to deposit bitcoins later here on the site to post inquiries for better price deals.
Omar Babkar 8 years ago
To earn Bitcoins all you need to do is refer visits one of Bitvisitor's advertiser's sites.
amante 8 years ago
> The giveaways that I have been giving sadly don't work, as everybody is withdrawing the funds instead of using them in the site to post inquiries.

To solve this you need to do what Poker sites do. The bitcoin people receive as part of the giveaway shouldn't be the part of their wallet. Instead you'd have a flag for the user in the database, and the balance is then inflated by X amount if the flag is true. But when they go to withdraw, they won't see that X amount as part of their balance.

Additionally, for the next questions, until the X amount is reached, you would reduce the "cost" of the question from that X amount. Once it gets to 0, you would flip the flag and everything goes back to normal.

Or you could give people "one question" instead of actual BTC.
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Yes, but an inquiry can't have a reward for 0.55 btc and then the member that is chosen that his answer as correct get only 0.50 btc... Gambling sites do that because you bet the free amount multiple times.
cherryknots 8 years ago
The best way to promote this website is through social media platforms and have bonuses and giveaways. That will attract many people.
tmartinez 8 years ago
You can create an app for cellphones
hem 8 years ago
you can promote it by giving tv ads and by sharing on social groups
JeroNoah 8 years ago
There's an app named WhatsApp, I am sure you are familiar with it. If you have lots of contact in it. Make a group on it, you can add upto hundred users on it. Start discussing there.
Sir_Boomalot 8 years ago
Post the giveaway on bitcointalk's games and rounds, not here. Because people here already use this site.
Bitfortip 8 years ago
The giveaways were mentioned on forums and social media and claimed by new members.