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EnglishIs this old coin worth anything?

Was given from my grandfather along with some other old coins. It doesn't have any date. I believe it's Japanese but I am not really sure. I am looking the following information regarding this coin. [Possible era, country and estimate value] Thanks

kiwi 5 months ago
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robcar 5 months ago Correct
Hi! It’s indeed Japanse. The coin has a nominal value of 5 Sen (1/20th of a Yen). I guess the year is written below the bird. My japanese isn’t perfect, but i guess it says 1940. Value now? In perfect condition maybe $2. This state? Close to nothing. But never the less a nice gift!
kiwi 5 months ago
Hello, thanks for the information. Damn I wish it was worth more. :'( The reward is yours. :)
Mr crown 5 months ago
Yes it is a 1940 Japanese coin. It could be worth some money to collectors, put it up for auction on ebay and find out.
TeknoMiles 5 months ago
Its Japanese and I think in dollars it should be $2
Yildiraykurt34 5 months ago
?t is a 1943 Japanese coin
Zizikazi 5 months ago
It's a japanese coin, collectors can pay about $2 for that.
suryadharma072 5 months ago
its year 1943
PecaBK 5 months ago
Hi. This coin has a value only for coin collectors ;) Try to find some collectors and sell
Roubertie 5 months ago
it can be worth today and it's a nice collectable to sell in the future too.
jjpn47 5 months ago
Probably, it depends. There are collectors of old coins just search it on facebook or google : buyer of old coins. You can earn about 5 usd.
peace 5 months ago
put it up for salen on eBay you might find a buyer willing to pay $100