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EnglishLet's help the site owner :)

With the best ideas, being paid :)

oGermano 7 years ago

Prince Gbenga Harkohlardey 7 years ago
Let's help with a good web interface
nhadz 7 years ago
You can get aid by working as freelancer.
Harib Alsumri 7 years ago

bubbsandbubbs3 7 years ago
A small faucet in the sidebar would be a nice touch, and I wouldn't mind if he put ads in to cover for it
Rodrigo Henrique 7 years ago
Bacana, doe para mim 1F97jwaQhpw9NwKCRc93dZq5TesfkCVwXg <-- donate
efund 7 years ago
sell your service on fiverr
amitain 7 years ago
come on
zottejos 7 years ago
This site needs a lot more questions... Maybe the site owner can start a signature campaign on bitcointalk, make a press release and send it to a lot of bitcoin blogs and bitcoin news sites... Or maybe even make a nice banner and put it up to get some exposure... A site like this needs at least 40-50 questions/day to get some momentum
NoobDragon 7 years ago
How about getting aid from an advertisement however, unlike other websites that just display the ads on the side and make the website ugly, why not let the ads appear whenever a person answer. Also, this website MUST inform the people of this before the implementation because I guarantee that there will be haters if this is not done properly
user000 7 years ago Correct
We can have

1. Better interface

2. Good social marked tools

3. Introducing Bitcoin tutorials

4. Having faucet scripts

5. Making users more aware of Bitcoins
Dogeluminati 7 years ago
Make a more colorful website.

Have a links section with links to : bitcoin exchanges, faucets ,forums ,and other websites using bitcoin.

Adspace which is buyable for bitcoin.

Attract more people to the website.
Crypto 7 years ago
Run ads from advertising networks such as A-ads, Mellows ads or any CPM network. to earn extra income residually.
hackalife 7 years ago
I would like to support you by inviting friends.mmaybe you could make gifts for inviting. And if you need a freelancer here I am :) maybe some sates his for checking answered .