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EnglishCan this email from 2015 be authentic?

satoshi at vistomail com Has it been used before? Was it claimed or hacked?

brbforprivacy 1 year ago
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Central 1 year ago
Very unlikely to be Satoshi Nakamoto itself. If anything, he would be complaining about many more things and the things that have been developing with Bitcoin(exchanges, kyc, trading, etc..) Could I please know where you got this from?
brbforprivacy 1 year ago
Was looking on a BTC documentary that was claiming one strong candidate to be Satoshi was Adam Back, then searched more on the satoshi at vistomail com email template.
Jtcrypto21 1 year ago Correct
100% certain this is misinformation at the very least. I have a good friend who I served with in the Marine Corps who now works high up in the FBI financial branch. He stated that he didn't personally work in this specific area but he called me a few days later and said its fake. I trust him and have with my life. Hope this helps.
brbforprivacy 1 year ago
You discussed about this email on the phone? Interesting
Anthony Menendez 1 year ago
If we are going to be technical. There is a chance for anything to happen. The likelihood that this was in fact Satoshi Nakamoto themself is below a 1% chance.
Cody Staudt 1 year ago
I believe Satoshi is more then one individual so this is unlikely to be authentic
Vladimir 1 year ago
Perhaps now in our time it is possible to hack mail without any problems.
Sylvester Ameh 1 year ago
No one knows if Satoshi is a man or woman. This is fake believe me.
Kay 1 year ago
Hahaha.... This is a false statement, its fake and not from Satoshi Nakamoto
Lord_c4xo 1 year ago
this is very misleading and its fake and its possible mails can be hacked but i don't think that is the case here whoever is probably trying to shall a project..
Zaman 1 year ago
No This is Wrong.
umutss 1 year ago
what is this
Afrius 1 year ago
just don't trust too much, it can be either authentic or not authentic. At first glance, it seems authentic, but why the maker of Bitcoin send that email, and that's a big question.
Johnson 1 year ago
if there are going to be technical Hun. there more chance for anything to happen
jkaylumw1 1 year ago
I highly doubt that he would directly contact you unless you actually know the guy
sefa1985 1 year ago
Heather weir 1 year ago
I'd try to find a document written solely by him; study the way he structures his sentences and his basic linguistic style and skill. I see few grammatical errors but I'm not an expert. But honestly, the way he's describing his sadness is quite bland. Who knows? Maybe this letter was to a colleague or a professional relationship and emotion is clearly subtle for that reason. But anyway, I don't know his style, his writing, anything about him. I can't speculate, but I'd try and compare writings of his. You'd be surprised at just how unique sentence structuring, verbiage, etc. can really be. Anyways, good luck. Xoxo.
TJcrypto 1 year ago
In crypto anything is possible. Expect the unexpected, just like the market.
Think outside the box.