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EnglishCan you find me this headscarf and outfit delivered in Australia??

I am looking for both pieces Headscarf and outfit. With the capability to be delivered in Australia. Thx...

Zeus 1 year ago
  • Headscarf
  • Outfit

58k 1 year ago
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John Downes 1 year ago
Yes buy it here
refender 1 year ago
yes , definitely
will 1 year ago
yes buy it
tom 1 year ago
Godson 1 year ago
Beautiful outfit.. it's gotta be here
reda 1 year ago
yes is good for me
Amir 1 year ago
KOUE 1 year ago
Oui e l'ai
blueiceberg 1 year ago Correct
I see 4 responders already posted the link for the scarf which looks exactly the same as the picture you posted.

I saw this under their shipping and return policy :

All the orders are shipped with UPS.
If you place your order from Sweden, you can also choose Postnord (no tracking number).

Orders over 135 GBP will be subject to import charges.

You may contact [email protected] to check if they do shipping to Australia.

Now for the outfit, this is the closest I found.

Hazal Wrap Top In Ecru
AUD $395

You can also buy it from Bloomingdale's Store.
Toskon 1 year ago
Yes please place your order