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EnglishAnyone from India? Is this guy representing some kind of deity or culture ceremony?

If you know, please give me some details, was found on an Indian restaurant. Thanks

PANAGOT 2 years ago
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  • Culture

iul7 2 years ago
this is a painting in the Mughal style. I think its Akbar but im not too sure
Verma 2 years ago Correct
No, it is not.
The photo is definitely depicting an Mughal Emperor from the Mughal period in India.
In earlier times Emperors used to have their paintings painted with flowers in their hands or around their gardens, with wife's, with their thrones or having council meetings to show how powerful or kind they were.
The current image seems to be used by the restaurant for decorative purpose only.
PANAGOT 2 years ago
Thank you Verma.
wallstreetWOOKS 2 years ago
This is a Mughal Emperor holding a flower . It could just be me but this kind of looks like a cannabis leaf. But then again I do see cannabis leaves in a lot of ancient depictions of plants . Then again a lot of plants look like cannabis .
Amp 2 years ago
Isnit Bohara 2 years ago
This is a Mughal Emperor holding a flower
I am from nepal and my country is near india
in my country there is also these types of culture.
mainly these are use from ancient period.
it attracts tourist and improve the economic of the country.
i heard a story about that...
clasie 2 years ago
Represents a culture
Andrea Rindinella 2 years ago
Normale l'imperatore
Ankush 2 years ago
This is mughal style it's like rajasthan style
Jörg Sämann 2 years ago
For me ,it is an Metaphor in a Picture.It seems to bei a Flower or a Plant in his Hand,which is broken from the Root of his Head.
Manoj 2 years ago
Manoj 2 years ago
Culture depiction,Miniature painting represents the Indian Rajput king from Mewar, must be out of these (Rana Kumbha,Amar singh,Udai singh),during Mughal times.. certainly not Mughal.
As most Mughal emperors are depicted with rose flowers often and not the one shown here., most had beard and moustaches,Akbar has only moustaches,but this isnt AKBAR Mughal Emperors used to have their paintings with flowers in hand decorating their love, kindness, romanticism.

Truth is native Indian emperors and kings were more loving,nature friendly and kind to their subject but never glorified themselves.