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EnglishWhat's the style called that is used to decorate this jewel box?

Time era? Do these 2 represent a famous couple? Any additional information that you can provide me about this family old heirloom would be appreciated.

kiwi 1 year ago
  • Jewel
  • Box

Adib Ahsan 1 year ago
It's a 20th centuries Silver enamel box, which was commomnly used by womans for storing their valuables.
javadrafiee 1 year ago
The prince next to the princess of England
kimo2 1 year ago
One of the popular enameled pictures on vintage looking items in 1950s (or so):
Vukosi 1 year ago
Limoges Fragonard Porcelain 4 footed trinket box depicting a courting couple, age :1900-1940 in all my research it simply says "depicting a couple" so there's no info on who they were
Vukosi 1 year ago
Here's a similar product so you can make an estimate on how much its worth
Vukosi 1 year ago
Vukosi 1 year ago
Looking on the internet, this signed name led to a deluge of images, which are commonly called Fragonard Courting Couple or Fragonard Love Story, on plates, teacups, brooches, and vases. Apparently, these courting couples were inspired from the work of artist Jean Honore Fragonard (1732-1806). Fragonard was a French painter of the Rococo style who was popular in the latter half of the 18th Century, around the time of Marie Antoinette, Louis XV and Louis XVI. Rococo painters featured pastoral landscapes and incorporated in their paintings myths of love, cherubs, cupids, venus and mythical creatures. Portraiture was very popular among the Rococo painters and featured aristocratic courting couples on leisurely outings. Although the couples that I’ve found on china plates, teacups, and vases appear to be innocent courting lovers, some works of the Rococo painters’ depict some naughtiness in their pastoral scenes.
Vukosi 1 year ago Correct
It seems that the French Revolution put an end to many of the careers of Rococo painters as their aristocratic patrons no longer could support them. This was not, however, the end of the Fragonard Courting Couple which has continued as a motif to this day. The first great revival of the couple was in the late Victorian times when they appeared on hand painted brooches and in miniature paintings. Later with the Victorian revival in the 1980s the couple returned once again on brooches, china, teacups and vases
kiwi 1 year ago
Thank you for your research. That was very interesting.
Negar 1 year ago
you can renew and fix it with golden sheets showed in below link:
if you like these style of art i suggest you MINIATORY and ISLIMI designs.
Vukosi 1 year ago
Apparently the box was hand made and also hand painted
Rabia 1 year ago
It is a vintage style , abstract art , watercolor trinket box.
NesoTrades 1 year ago
Hi here is a large vintage Limoges Fragonard Porcelain 3 footed trinket box with lid depicting a courting couple.
The height of this item is approx 10 cm or 4".
The diameter is 10 cm or 4".
Vintage from the 1950s if u need anything else please feel free to ask me thanks.
eennihs 1 year ago
don't know who they are, but still adore it