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EnglishWhat's the longest time ever for a next block on BCH?

Currently I am watching on 1 hour + has passed since the last block found. Blockchain height 674,123 from AntPool Any idea on when was the longest delay and for how long and also were multiple blocks found later? Or it went back to "normal" one every 10-12 minutes.

serenity75 3 months ago
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Spike 3 months ago Correct
Hi there!

There were a number of spikes of very long block times when the coin was first introduced. The highest recorded ever was on 20 August 2017, where it took 3 hours, 25 minutes and 42 seconds before the next block was found.

A more recent spike, although far less impressive, was on 09 April 2020, where it took only just over 26 minutes.
serenity75 2 months ago
A yes. when it first spitted from BTC and the Difficult Adjustment Algorithm kicked in. If you have any other please comment below. Marking yours as correct. Thanks
The difficulty of Bitcoin mining can vary depending on a few criteria. For example, when the hash rate in the network increases, if the blocks start to be found in less than 10 minutes, the difficulty level of the Bitcoin network increases.

Otherwise, if the time of finding new blocks increases to over 10 minutes, the difficulty level of the Bitcoin network decreases, making it easier to extract new blocks. In the Bitcoin protocol, the difficulty level adjustment is carried out through a proof of work algorithm called "proof of work".
Sanri 2 months ago
the system can get stuck sometimes.
It is better to wait for a while
JAV 2 months ago
max aprox is 45 min...