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EnglishCan you find me the stylish set that she is wearing + bag?

Kylie Jenner is a fashion icon. Thank you.

Missalikh 1 month ago
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Ben Williams 1 month ago
I can help with coat bag and shoes - if you look on this side second one down - shows you the designers :

Shoes – Bottega Veneta

Coat – Zeynep Arçay

Purse – L’afshar.

Ill keep looking for suit
Ben Williams 1 month ago
This website also gets updated quite a bit, so it might have more info in a few weeks,
thaís 1 month ago Correct
or here:

Bag: (this is the white, she is wearing a beige one but is sold out)


Vogue said that the top+pants is from Helmut Lang, but i condnt find it
DeusX 1 month ago

It could be these
Hamed 1 month ago
Go to the Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Mall in Los Angeles to get this beautiful and stylish set.
Wasabi 1 month ago
I think the brand is The row
Aravind S 1 month ago

$790 though! Ain't this a bit expensive?
Abose 1 month ago
Check by uploading this picture. The exact one will come up
Oghaze95 1 month ago
If you find it?