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EnglishCan you find me 100 of this delivered to Melbourne, Australia?

Hi everyone, I would like to have 100 of this delivered to Melbourne, Australia. Can you find me the best possible deal? Thx

Zeus 1 month ago
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ylomat 1 month ago
Try directly at key-bak, here your product. 9,49 each but for 25+ a 15% discount:
Lupi 1 month ago
They don´t ship to Australia.
Lupi 1 month ago Correct
I found this:
it´s from an australian warehouse
Alternatively, you could buy it off the official site, and use a package forwarding service (the shop will ship it to them, and they will send it to you for a small fee), that´ll be much cheaper. Popular package forwarding services are, or
hami hamian 1 month ago
UPS and FedEx. UPS and FedEx are good options for shipping to Australia because they can get your packages delivered quickly and reliably.
DrTraxxes 1 month ago
Here you go:
Key-Bak Securit Key Holder Reel with Split Ring
1pc --- $22.00
100pcs --- $1,791.90 (savings 19%)
popeytown 1 month ago

can get these from here and ask for a custom quote. Available in AUS. Or could buy them direct off the site for $13.95. If contacted would be able to get better price ordering 100 though.
Максим 1 month ago
это на австралийском складе.
Вы также можете купить его на официальном сайте и воспользоваться услугой пересылки посылок (магазин отправит их им, а они отправят вам за небольшую плату), это будет намного дешевле. Популярные службы переадресации пакетов: или
Fadi Hassan 1 month ago
Wasabi 1 month ago
Doğrudan key-bak'ta deneyin, işte ürününüz. Her biri 9,49, ancak 25+% 15 indirim için:
if they don't send it directly to your country. Agree with anyone in one of the countries they send and arrange a transfer for yourself from there. I'm waiting for your help.
Aravind S 1 month ago

Not the exact same one, but here you go :)
Alphin Jose 1 month ago
You can find them here
Senerio 1 month ago
szpszp 1 month ago
the company has a 15% + 10% special discount. the price is about $ 12.25

more expensive in amazon
scott blue 1 month ago
here you go
zach tuozzo 1 month ago
from there website