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EnglishIs there a way to find how many Bitcoin (BTC) were bought off OTC and via Tether on the recent ATH?

If yes, how many were bought and taken out of exchanges with Tether and how many OTC between the 16th of December 2020 and the 23rd of December 2020.

serenity75 4 weeks ago
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Jack Ryan 4 weeks ago
I think this is a very difficult question. I don't want to say so, but it would be nice to win bch too. If you asked over binance or another exchange network, I could answer, but it's very difficult to answer over OTC.
Shannon 4 weeks ago
It's had to get
Miss Mike 3 weeks ago Correct
I would suggest to 1. Take the total supply $20.98 billion? And 2. How many bought $7,638?on the 16th on TETHER and do the same for closing on the 23rd. Take the average (8 days trading) and you may get an approximation. Otherwise, the crypto analyst firm Crypto Quantico on says $45 million were traded on kraken exchange usd spot market on Dec. 16 between 10:30am-10.53am. Perhaps this at least get your organizing procedures started. Any more ideas, anyone?
serenity75 3 weeks ago
Hmm, you might be on to something..
serenity75 2 weeks ago
Anyways, I am choosing you. Thanks for the reply.
Gracious Interests 3 weeks ago
There is a way to find out but would require a lot of effort to do so when manually done.

Understand that "blockchain" is a public ledger. ALL transactions of Bitcoin are being stored within.
In order to verify you will need to know the wallet-address(es) of the company running Tether.
From there on out you can start using the blockchain explorer ( ) to start verifying the addresses.

The hard part (which makes it nearly impossible) is knowing the addresses used as they are entirely anonymous.

Otherwise it is impossible to know exactly (which is the point of Cryptocurrency... to be entirely anonymous).
Miss Mike 3 weeks ago
It is just going to take a lot more extra time that most folks have time without a slide rule or an abacus put together with a room full of computers in a moving target, hon. Statistic averages sometimes saves a lot of headaches.
Bianca Ortiz 3 weeks ago
This is really a tough question
arash asghari 3 weeks ago
Business is brisk thanks to a constant flow of Chinese merchants who come in daily with heavy bags of cash. Oleg said his OTC desk sells about $3 million worth of crypto every day. Most of it usually goes to China. But what’s perhaps most surprising is which crypto.

Only 20 percent of Oleg’s sales are in bitcoin, the oldest cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization. The other 80 percent is in the dollar-pegged token known as tether, or USDT.

Tether’s best-known application is allowing crypto traders to move money between exchang
marco precilla 2 weeks ago
TETHER $532,123,778,058.00 OTC 10500 VOLUME
Adedeji adebayo 2 weeks ago
TETHER $532,123,778,058.00 OTC 10500 VOLUME