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EnglishWhere can I get that red tango dress?

You can see the dress in more details here: Timestamp: 8:10 Thank you!!!

Missalikh 4 weeks ago
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Martin Bodek 4 weeks ago
I think you'll have to steal it from her dressing room. That thing looks like it was molded directly onto her body.
Miss Mike 4 weeks ago
Like I said, specially designed for a personal friend or client by an up and coming (yet) unknown designer/seamstress. Keep track of her and you may be able to finance her career. I don't think it is a tango dress, think middle eastern belly dancer.
Missalikh 4 weeks ago
Well ,it is a tango competition. That is another lady. The one before was bachata ladies free style.
Deepak9655 4 weeks ago
There is a dress on aliexpress
Same colour but not exact same
But it is vest match
(although u have shown a movue dress that would be a custom made so it is impossible to get)
Link for the dress
Missalikh 4 weeks ago
Don't like that one... ^^
Deepak9655 4 weeks ago
Its expensive
But i thinkn you'll like it
Missalikh 4 weeks ago
Looks similar, but yeah that one is expensive :(
Jose Gabriel Anchia Vindas 4 weeks ago
Jose Gabriel Anchia Vindas 4 weeks ago
acá tenes varias opciones
unicumsam 4 weeks ago
Non so dove puoi trovare quel vestito ma sicuro qualche sarta te lo cuce quasi identico
Botan Aslan 4 weeks ago
I guess this is
Duhu ebuka 4 weeks ago
You can get a tango dress when you shop on amazon
Missalikh 4 weeks ago
I know, I am asking for something specific.
kimo2 4 weeks ago
Palazzo + corset should do the trick...

Isabel Garcia palazzo pants:

Missalikh 4 weeks ago
Hmm, like a combination... kinda similar.
Xp10yt 4 weeks ago Correct
The episode where that was worn was the finals of season 18, DWTS May 19, 2014.

Here is a video of that dance.

The Designer listed on IMDB is Daniella Gschwendtner.

However Steven Norman Lee was with DWTS for 25 "seasons" (3rd season through the current 28th.), so he very well may have designed this particular piece.

Unfortunately I can't find anything definitive either way, and more unfortunate, I can't find a website where either of them sell their pieces.

The woman wearing the outfit is Meryl Davis. Maybe ask her if she still has it? >.<
Here's her Instagram |

Also, the bottom section is pant/skirt, you can see something similar here on Randall Christensen's website, he was the designer from season 2-12 for DWTS.

Here are some stills that give you a better idea of the way the piece looks.

- Xp -
Missalikh 4 weeks ago
Hi Xp10yt, thanks for the photos and the links, very good research on this one. You and one other here gave the best answer so far... hmmm.....
Missalikh 3 weeks ago
Merry Christmas !
Adnan Ahmed 4 weeks ago
That's something you will have to hire a professional to make.
Miss Mike 4 weeks ago
I think you should go with XP 10YT. I think her research is the most awesome headhunting yet imaginable. Finding a person like that is the beginning of a fantastic marketing and retail team for the fashion industry. Go for it, Miss Alikh!!!
Missalikh 3 weeks ago
Yeah, will probably pick her answer. Merry Christmas !
Coconuticecream 3 weeks ago
See if this one works. The closest I could find:
Mustapha Omoola 3 weeks ago
Go to jumia and search for it
Mustapha Omoola 3 weeks ago
Go to jumia and search for it
SkarlettRousse 3 weeks ago
You can find alot of outfits similar to this on this website nothing on here is really too overpriced. I typed in "red lace teddy" in the search box on the website and saw several things similar to this. You would probably just have to buy a red skirt to go over top of the red lace teddy but there were some very cute ones that I saw. Check it out! Here is one I found that I liked and looked similar to the picture you posted
Kesila carla 3 weeks ago
Is mercado libre