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EnglishI need a simple programme that will allow me to create music. A ''free download'' and with a user friendly interface. Important: I have windows 7. Can anyone help?

asxetos 4 weeks ago

Jovankalugas 4 weeks ago
Garageband, waveform
Yatniel David Rojas 4 weeks ago
If you want to become a beat maker, music producer, or maybe you already are, but are interested in knowing the best beat maker software, this is your article! The programs that exist online are excellent to get started quickly and easily, and without having to invest in a drum machine or other more sophisticated and expensive instruments.
hyperlightdriftr 4 weeks ago
I have a lot of samples and software that is very powerful, is there any way we can private message on here?
Tom Lutzenberger 4 weeks ago
Here are 6 programs geared for Windows 7 that are free and designed for making music.
Akarshit Baru 4 weeks ago
6 Best Free Music Production Software for Beginners ..... Hey try this
Jack Ryan 4 weeks ago
Hello, have a nice day. I'll suggest 9 programs that will allow you to create music. I can also help you choose between them, of course. basliyprum. 1 -) ableton live, 2 -) FL Studio, 3-) Avid Pro Tools, 4-) Acid Pro, 5-) Propellerhead, 6-) Audacity, 7-) Darkwave Studio, 8-) PreSonus Studio, 9 -) Steinberg Cubase. you can check out the programs yourself. I'm here if you have any problems :)
kimo2 4 weeks ago
if you like electronic music you can try music trackers, e.g. openmpt, milky tracker etc.
tracker interface looks messy at first glance, but it's not that complicated - check youtube tutorials.
Jack Ryan 4 weeks ago
I think you should use Ableton Live. Because Ableton Live is a powerful music creation program that helps you bring your ideas to life. This tool contains everything you need to create magnetic music. It is believed to be the best digital audio workstation for most readers. It can be downloaded and compatible for free with Mac and Windows. It offers Live features with advanced MIDI logging features that allow you to work with hardware and software components. The Live feature also provides a music scoreboard to mix and match musical ideas. Multi-channel recording, cutting, cutting, copying and pasting, etc. Provides. There are various audio packages and 23 audio libraries to create a completely different piece of music from other music producers. It also provides a unique spoofing feature that allows you to change rhythm and timing without pausing and pausing music in the real world. The sound it contains comes from acoustic instruments, multi-sample drum kits and more. To install Ableton on all libraries and sounds, you need at least 6 GB of hard drive.
RC 4 weeks ago Correct
Waveform is one user friendly interface. It also doesn't cause much lag on the computer system like Avid Pro Tools.It is advisable to not use Avid Pro tools on Windows 7 as Pro Tools have a heavy effect on the CPU. You could also download some extra VST plugins, like Reaper Plugins or Melda Production Free Plugins, to aid in your music editing(I used those two and they were great, Melda's Plugins even have a sleep mode which reduces your CPU consumption.) But the most simple, Audacity. Not the most user-friendly, but simple to use.
Costas 3 weeks ago
FL studio
David Dugan 3 weeks ago
If i were you id go with oxytube it lets you rip audio off of youtube without having to download the video. Its free and probably going to be the easiest way to do what you trying to do. All the audio files will be readable, and can be altered.
Erdi 3 weeks ago
Cakewalk By BrandLab is the best for Win 7 😉
k1820303 3 weeks ago
Try Qtractor
k1820303 3 weeks ago
Try Ardour
adi 3 weeks ago
The 5 best (and free) GarageBand alternatives for Windows in 2020 are:

Magix MusicMaker
Akai MPC Beats
Ohm Studio
‘Lite’ Software
Nil 3 weeks ago
ableton live :)
Andrew 3 weeks ago
I have a lot of samples for you
Bianca Ortiz 3 weeks ago
Just buy the Adobe Audition