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EnglishCan anyone identify this tree species?

Mediterranean climate. Please provide me with your answer a link to verify. Thank you

PANAGOT 1 month ago
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Ben Williams 1 month ago Correct
I think that is a type of Ficus - Ficus microcarpa nitida or Common Name | Indian Laurel.

Bark is showing slightly orange towards the top, but this is the nearest I can find.

Ill keep looking
PANAGOT 1 month ago
Yep, looks like it is Ficus nitida, Thank you!
chris jsmith 1 month ago
Ficus benjamina is its scientific name ,but there are many different varieties. ‘Midnight’ has dark, curly leaves. ‘Judith’ has small leaves with a yellow border. ‘Starlight’ has green leaves variegated with white
kimo2 1 month ago
Ficus nitida
see photo #3:
Victor Johnson 1 month ago
Key Lime (Citrus aurantiifolia)

Check google for verification. 🙂
Marco 1 month ago
Dovrebbe essere un ficus-elastica