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EnglishWhich bachatta song is it in the link below?

KOSkost 1 month ago

Adeel Akhtar 1 month ago
Unable to download the file
KOSkost 1 month ago
Check your connection. File is ok
smaltopiratas 1 month ago
Unable to download
KOSkost 1 month ago
Press the red download button. File has view permission for anyone with the link. Double checked it with a friend
Tina 1 month ago
its on the tip of my tongue!
KOSkost 1 month ago
Please find it for me!
Coconuticecream 1 month ago
I think it is Mi Ultima Carta
Mahdi 1 month ago
Mi Ultima Carta maybe? I don't remember exactly
mydaboin 1 month ago Correct
It is most likely a cover of this song:
No puedo vivir así - Los Chiches Del Vallenato
and the genre is vallenato, from Colombia.
KOSkost 1 month ago
PERFECT!!!! The reward is yours!!! Although a different singer, this is definitely it!!!
Mehmet Küpe 1 month ago
Mi Ultima Carta
I'm not sure I think so.