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EnglishNeed a list of digital only marketplaces

Need a list of digital only marketplaces. As in they don't seel physical products, just digital content. Such as software, musics, ebooks, videos..etc.

Mat9999 1 month ago

Miss Mike 1 month ago
I'm not quite certain what you mean by marketplaces but theses a short list of websites that may assist you:;;;;;;;; I hope that helps.
Mat9999 1 month ago
As in marketplaces that sell digital content just as software, musics, ebooks, videos..etc.
Ritesh 1 month ago
Etsy,, and.
Google Express.
Pushpak 1 month ago
Do you have any particular product or service in mind for which you are searching for?

There are endless marketplaces available. It would be easy for me to recommend if you could share more about the product/services you are looking for,
kimo2 1 month ago Correct
apps (app store, google play, microsoft store ...)
graphics (envato, adobe stock, shutterstock ...)
websites (flippa, fe intl., empire flippers ...)
and much, much more...