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EnglishCan NANO do more than just being a P2P currency?

Nano works, perfect for payments. What else can it potentially do? Thanks

destinyWizard 1 month ago
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maniacal07 1 month ago
nano has no block size limit because each transaction fits into a single UDP packet and transactions are processed independently of each other.
destinyWizard 1 month ago
What has that to do with my question? Read it again before commenting.
Ekolerhine 1 month ago
Yes he can do more than that
Ekolerhine 1 month ago
Yes he can do more than that
Ronald scar 1 month ago
It can do pay outs
destinyWizard 1 month ago
So payments...
Mat9999 1 month ago
destinyWizard 1 month ago
How? When? Method??????
BitEuthusiast 1 month ago
Nano on its own wont do much.

But if nano manages to get atomic swaps with Ethereum, it would have full access to DeFi. I think it's not that far.
zhesto 1 month ago Correct
It can be used as blockchain-saved (read unmutable) identity - On the same idea it can connect IPFS hashes (with any information you need - JSON, media etc.) to blockchain transactions in order to prove their belongs to somebody etc.
destinyWizard 1 month ago
Hmm, kind of like that, but I believe other coins can do that.
destinyWizard 1 month ago
Anyways, thanks, if you ever find another use case just reply here. Reward is yours
David King 1 month ago
Following recent improvements to the free UE4 Plugin, it is now easier than ever to add Nano to arcade machines, single & multiplayer games.
Pushpak 1 month ago
NANO gives business operations a feeless payment platform to cut costs and secure their funds.So its not just good for the payments but for long term storage/investment too
destinyWizard 1 month ago
Speculative, it isn't sure that price go up.
Pushpak 1 month ago
True dat. There was a time BTC was also into the same zone, but now we know where it stands!