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EnglishBlack Friday is coming. What is the cheapest price deal I can get for the PS5 in the UK?

Will pick the best price suggestion in the UK. So please suggest me price + where to get it. Thanks

shaman94 1 month ago
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Ben Williams 1 month ago
The digital version will be cheaper ( No CD drive )
It will be £359 on Amazon , PC world ( Currys ) Argos and even try Very.
shaman94 1 month ago
I am looking for a Black Friday mega deal.
Ben Williams 1 month ago Correct
Ill be honest and doubt you can get it cheaper at the start- they buy them in from Sony at a bulk price and then sell them on, but the profit they make is next to nothing. So they may buy them from Sony at £350 say and only make £9 , then once the black Friday is over they will sell them for £399 and start to make money again. ( that's why so many different shops will sell for the same £359 price, they may next to nothing.) The next time it might be cheaper is boxing day.
shaman94 1 month ago
Well, Black Friday is over and unfortunately couldn't find anything. Thanks for trying. NANO reward is yours.
Ben Williams 1 month ago
Thanks and good luck, maybe boxing day will be better.
Luis10salas 1 month ago
Friend, what I recommend is that you make a good offer for a ps5 on ebay, otherwise you will not get it cheaper that is impossible since it is in high demand, I hope it helps you here I leave a link of an offer
shaman94 1 month ago
Nearing 700 quid. Too expensive.
Suavi Görkem SAVCI 1 month ago
Man, be careful. There are so many stolen and fake devices on the market. Getting an expensive result when looking for the cheapest
shaman94 1 month ago
I know BRO, lot's of scammers out there. I am careful though.