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EnglishCan you find this wristwatch for less than 97.69 euros?

Hi all,<br /> <br /> I've personally have found it for 97.69 euros. <br /> <br /> Is it possible that you can find it for even less?<br /> <br /> Daniel Wellington Southampton Ladies Nato Strap Watch 0506DW Rose Gold 36mm.<br /> <br /> I want it brand new. Not preowned.<br /> The better price the better ;)<br /> <br /> Thank you in advance.

Missalikh 8 years ago
  • Daniel
  • Wellington
  • Winchester
  • Wristwatch

ruud8 8 years ago
1) 60€

2) 80.29€

3 ) 90€

4) 86.33€

5) 81.19€

6) 93€
Missalikh 8 years ago
Hi, Your links are all invalid. They are either more expensive if you include shipping or they are selling the wristwatch as preowned.
ruud8 8 years ago
Missalikh 8 years ago
It's pre-owned.
oleg0531 8 years ago
Missalikh 8 years ago
You've posted the same link as ruud8 above. With shipping it goes 87.99 + 31.19 = 119.19 $ = 112.8 euros.
X99 8 years ago
Hello, what country I send the watch? for purposes of calculating shipping.
hermesesus 8 years ago
$87.18 & FREE Shipping:
Missalikh 8 years ago
It's free shipping only within the US. Any other country you add 30.8$.
someonenew 8 years ago

These watches are made in China. There are other brands that use these exact manufacturers such as

However, Daniel Wellington also does this. You can get this watch for something like 9.6 EUR here:,searchweb201644_5,searchweb201560_6

Missalikh 8 years ago
Hi, I am aware of these prices but they are replicas. Not the real thing.
Marshall Whittaker 8 years ago
80.85 euro

77.00 euro

71.98 euro

67.18 euro
Missalikh 8 years ago
Unfortunately all 4 links go beyond 97.69 euros when you include shipping.
Gulam Mohiddin 8 years ago

Item Condition: New with Tags

Price: EUR 90.00
Missalikh 8 years ago
With shipping it goes 109.9 euros.
TBZ1 8 years ago Correct 80.97+17.95=98.92 US Dollar equals 93.38 Euro USD shipped to Greece.

Please don't let this be another hell freeze over or unobtanium bullshit B4Ts.
Missalikh 8 years ago
You have found it 4 euros cheaper than i had. Thanks. I remember that you were the one that got my reward last time. Yes, some members here don't close their questions or takes a long time to close them. It's either that they hadn't found what they are looking for or maybe stupid and they don't even know what they are looking for or maybe have forgotten about it.