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EnglishFrom which tribe is this mask most likely inspired | connected?

Have seen it many times in posters etc. Please give me a link with proof where I can validate it and trace it back to the origin. Thank you

Bitfortip 8 months ago
  • Mask
  • Ancient
  • Tribe

Juan Herrera Vazquez 8 months ago Correct
Apparently belongs to a Hawaiian tribe
Bitfortip 8 months ago
Hello, yes seems like the origin is traced back to Hawaii.

Thanks for the tip.
Rosa 7 months ago
Tribù maori
Antonio 8 months ago
Hi. Check it out
Corey gordon 8 months ago
Hawaiian tribe
Mitchelle Gates 8 months ago
That’s the link ok .
Look up to a Hawaiian tribe
Coconuticecream 8 months ago
Tiki mask and torches. Tiki torch names is made from two flowers: canna compacta and Tillandis. This must be a painting of a Tiki Statue with Tiki torches. Very interesting history:
srcan 8 months ago

king 8 months ago
I think belongs to a Hawaiian tribe and i heard they are called Tikis
Tizkid._ Official 4 months ago
it is Hawaii tribe and it's called tikis
Jaivardhan 8 months ago

It's a Hawaiian tribe inspires mask.
Hope it helps.
Miss Mike 8 months ago
Looked up on google:southeast tribal masks. Seems to be a Hawaiian ocean mask. The flames are usually associated with volcanos with reference to protection against a specific event and specific island in the chain. It may also be one shaman's interpretation brought into 19th century and translated down by a 'haole'(White man) desire to use it in a movie or movies numerous times and reprinted. It would probably be best observed in the anthropological division of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.
İsmal Macaroğlu 8 months ago
kimo2 8 months ago
It's a tiki mask. First of all, read about "tiki culture":
These masks are just modern art forms based on Polynesian/Hawaiian art and especially wood carvings, which represent hawaiian deities: