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EnglishWhere can I buy this exact necklace?

Adrian Garcia 2 weeks ago
  • Jewelry
  • Necklace

Hannah Hart 2 weeks ago
This is a Hum chain-link necklace. You can buy the exact necklace here -
Adrian Garcia 2 weeks ago
Hi Hannah, Thanks for the good response.
This seems really close, but I can not tell for sure. It looks like the Hum-Chain necklace has special links at a few different spots in the chain. I cannot tell if that is in the original picture, but my eyes are not the best. Are you certain this is the exact necklace?
Hannah Hart 2 weeks ago Correct
Hi. I'm quite certain it's the same necklace. I reverse searched the original picture using Google Lens and the Hum chain necklace was the first post to show up. Zooming in on the original picture, you could see that there are indeed special equidistant links in the chain :)
Adrian Garcia 2 weeks ago
You're just so darn'd confident, I went ahead and marked you as correct. After I zoomed in, I could indeed see locations where different links are visible. Thanks!
Adrian Garcia 2 weeks ago
Actually, you're totally right! It's just the length they show in the model's picture is small, but I noticed several longer lengths. Thanks!
Hannah Hart 2 weeks ago
My pleasure :)
KENAN YILMAZ 1 week ago
Hi Adrian

the link you are looking for is suspicious.
jose jimenes 2 weeks ago
Adrian Garcia 2 weeks ago
Would you be more specific Jose? This is a link to a few different necklaces. I would like an exact link to the purchase page for of the necklace in my picture. Thank you.
Paul 1 week ago
That's so correct
Ben Williams 2 weeks ago
Hello - I'm sorry to say but that is a standard gold chain necklace ( small spacing between links) - its from a film with Rashida Jones , called on the Rocks. If you wanted to know 100% you could try contacting the films studios props department for that specfic film, but that seems like a long search. I have provided links though for different places that would sell 99% matches in looks.

Good luck
Coconuticecream 2 weeks ago
So this is what I found: The Miami Cuban Chain Necklace seems close:

Also check this curb necklace:

And this one:
Aysel 2 weeks ago
Zeki 2 weeks ago
Selam. Aynı kolye olduğundan oldukça eminim. Google Lens'i kullanarak orijinal resmi tersine çevirdim ve Hum zincir kolye ortaya çıkan ilk gönderiydi. Orijinal resmi yakınlaştırdığınızda, zincirde gerçekten de eşit uzaklıkta özel bağlantılar olduğunu görebilirsiniz :)