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EnglishIs Bitcoin safe from a stuxnet event?

Stuxnet was a computer worm that took out centrifuges in Iran's nuclear facility. I was thinking that a similar attack could happen in multiple Bitcoin mining farms and affect ASIC miners thus a massive disruption on hash rate. Would that be possible? If yes, what measures could be taken to prevent it? More details about Stuxnet can be found here: Thanks

PANAGOT 4 weeks ago
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Miss Mike 3 weeks ago
Anything is possible, but 1. Remember, most of all western intelligence was probably responsible for Iranian woes which have not been reliably trained by American Universities since the 1970's. 2. Algorithms can always been updated by the next generation of intrepid, hard working quantum physics laws. 3. Therefore, with these laws in place, ingenuity will ALWAYS outpace outdated governmental, much less banking conglomerates. Carpe diem, carpe monedum.
shaheer 3 weeks ago
check this
Rushabh 2 weeks ago
Cannot say no , Anything can happen .I hope you may know what happened at Fukushima Stuxnet virus led the melt down in the reactor . hope U keep it safe
Miss Mike 2 weeks ago
Yes, you must always be on guard as I said on my last message. That is the only way. Sorry.
gsdaedra 1 week ago
it is very possible. thus you have to take it at your own risk. multiple teams are woroking to get us the safest crypto we could have.
Ülkü 40 minutes ago
Mümkün değildir nettt