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EnglishLooking for the name of an old RPG game similar to DIABLO [97-2000]

RPG hack & slack videogame similar to Diablo where the bowman was sometimes saying "Kiss my arrow" when shooting projectiles? Any idea which game it was?

magicman83 1 month ago
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Berkay 1 month ago
Carlos 3 weeks ago
Puede ser el sacre
zuko 1 month ago
zuko 1 month ago
The Fate games are like that.

Gauntlet legends maybe?

or Divine Divinity?
magicman83 1 month ago
It was a time period between 1998-2001 probably
iggle 1 month ago
Some castle game?
zuko 1 month ago
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
magicman83 1 month ago
Hmm later title that came out in 2001. Got any evidence of the phrase?
Martin Bodek 1 month ago
I believe the answer is Nox.
magicman83 1 month ago
Got any evidence?
Martin Bodek 1 month ago
None whatsoever but what's in my memory. Appy polly loggies.
Huzaifa bello umar 1 month ago
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
Matthew Robert Ingraham 1 month ago
Rage of Mages??!!
magicman83 1 month ago
Got any evidence?
zuko 1 month ago
Dungeon siege? Titan Quest?
magicman83 1 month ago
I don't know... That's why I am asking...
Christoffer Von Mosczinsky 1 month ago
It's baldur's gate and the character is the ranger companion Minsc.
Good times
magicman83 1 month ago
First Baldur's Gate came out in 1998. So it could had been. Got any evidence of the phrase?
Christoffer Von Mosczinsky 1 month ago
Sadly not. I just have a vague memory of sometimes hearing that phrase from the ranger with the hamster (Minsc) as he shoots.

Could very well be something else but I was heavily into RPG's at the time.
Yusra 1 month ago
I think Path of Exile ,Grim Dawn &
Throne of Darkness..
JOSE MANUEL 1 month ago
Rise of The Tomb Raider is an action-adventure video game developed by Crystal Dynamics. It is the eleventh video game of the Tomb Raider series.
zuko 1 month ago
Siege of Avalon
mami 1 month ago
I'm thinking maybe Nox maybe?
zuko 1 month ago
It is called Get Medieval
Luis Lucero Ale 1 month ago
maybe Dying light
Jesse 1 month ago
Baldurs gate
Pouya 1 month ago
nemesis of the roman empire
Baggio 1 month ago
Titan Quest
Victor 1 month ago
Bad commando
LIKAY 1 month ago
cool game
joel ortiz 1 month ago
Es muy bueno
Natalie 1 month ago Correct
Get Medieval - See clip at 4:35 (
magicman83 1 month ago
OMG !!! You found it :D
Haha I remember playing it and spending hours on it but had completely forgotten which game it was.
Thank you so much!!! The reward is yours . Were you also playing it?