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EnglishFind me a cheaper alternative to Yankee Candles

Can you find me a cheaper alternative to Yankee Candles in large size. I am looking for something at £10 or less.

Phill 8 years ago
  • Scented
  • Candle
  • Cheap
  • Large

ruud8 8 years ago
1} EUR 5.10

2} EUR 3.54

3} GBP 1.60

4} EUR 1.91 to EUR 2.55

5} EUR 1.91

6} GBP 1.70

7} GBP 1.80

8} GBP 1.80

9} GBP 2.79
TBZ1 8 years ago
£5.99 FREE UK delivery

£6.49 pickup only in tamworth, Staffordshire, UK

Discounted ones less than £20 but over £10
Bertie30699 8 years ago Correct
GBP £9.50
bentaylor 8 years ago
Busy bee candles are amazing
YoshiCoin 8 years ago
Soy Candles Are better in my opinion the smell is more robust try this
Christian Xavier Haas 8 years ago
A tart warmer would be a good option if you're going for the scent - they are $2 each tart and they last seemingly forever. They smell much stronger than candles do anyway.
Cody_Hackins 8 years ago
Scented Soy Vanilla Cream Candles - $10 for a 6 Pack
nuevocrypto 8 years ago
Hi Phill,

Try out AJ's Country Candles. They come in 8oz Mason jars for around $9 US a piece and there are lots of scents to choose from.

Available on Etsy
ysma 8 years ago
GBP £9.50
William Rogers 8 years ago
This company is way cheaper than yankee candle and its less than 4 pounds a candle
theproducer 8 years ago
Hi Phil,

I bought a fair few from this company as presents for friends and family etc.... They're every bit as good as Yankee in my opinion.
[email protected] 8 years ago
awesome candles! wow! I want to get such kind of candle.