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EnglishSuggest me the best breath freshener!

KonstantinosKostoulas 4 months ago

javifal 4 months ago
You can try this!
DavidMicheal007 4 months ago
Get a pepper mint
Aldente 4 months ago
Try this one, it's what I always use:
bitbybit30 4 months ago Correct
Hello. Well you can purchase something that will freshen your breath up. Often though it won't work as advertised. Not to mention. If you don't like harmful chemicals then I wouldn't buy one from the store. You can make your own easily.

You just need a very high proof of drinkable grain alcohol. You want an alcohol content higher than 100 proof. I suppose you could get flavored alcohol, but if you start with a neutral clear spirit. You can add in your own ingredients.

Now the cause of bad breath is bacteria living in your mouth. Our objective should be to destroy the source of the problem. Not just cover it up. Because eventually it will dissipate and your breath will still smell bad.

Now as for ingredients... Have you heard of an product called CBD or cannabidiol? It is found in hemp and also marijuana. I chose CBD because it has a very strong antibacterial effect, and it is not psychoactive.

Plus it will dissolve into the alcohol without any problems. Start out with a gram or two in about one liter of alcohol. You just need a very high proof.

Then if you like mint. You can buy pure menthol crystals on Amazon for about 10$.

Other flavorings that can be used are essential oils. These will be a bit more expensive. But a small bottle will last for months.

You just need to find a health store, or we use a whole foods coop around where I live, that sells essential oils. You want to buy the most expensive one you can afford. They come in many flavors. I can help out too, and there are online stores as well for that.

Just don't drink the mouthwash. Ok? Essential oils are not meant to be swallowed. But a drop or two in a liter of alcohol used as a flavoring agent should be ok.

The only thing that is edible is the CBD. The CBD should also help to clean your teeth.

I hope this helps. Umm. If you don't have the time to monkey around with this. I would be happy to make it for you and send it to you.

Thanks for reading. Take care now.
Dionyschermann 4 months ago
aquibnisar07 4 months ago
Tic tacs one of the best.
wordsofthisgirl 4 months ago
you can prove this, is amazing
WS03 4 months ago
Michael X 4 months ago
Listerine Cool Mint Pocketpaks Breath Strips, 12-24-Strip Pack total 288 strips,Works wonders.You can get it at Amazon
YOEL18 4 months ago
Mascar menta fresca a menudo ayuda. Aunque se debe tener una higiene dental y usar productos con menta o hierbabuena
kimo2 4 months ago
Amazon knows best:
dija 4 months ago
Listerine Cool Mint Pocketpaks Breath Strips Kills Bad Breath Germs, 24-Strip Pack, 3 Pack. ...
jb3 4 months ago
wilmer74 4 months ago
un ambientador, te sugiero un aroma de fresa sirve para usarlo en automovil, y en el hogar
Osman6161 4 months ago
Amazonda bir tane gordiydim ama hat?rlamayrim
Sir Ted 4 months ago
I think Binaca Breath Spray would do the trick
saurabh7781 4 months ago
Hyperbiotics PRO-Dental Oral Probiotics.,WOW Drops 0 Ounce, Newman's Organics Ginger Mints 2 Oz Tin, Spry Xylitol Cinnamon Mints, 240 Count, Life Savers Wint O Green Sugarfree Mints Bag , Spry Xylitol Peppermint Mints, 240 Count, Johnson Listerine Cool Mint Pocketpaks. 
Promise 4 months ago
Looking for the best breath freshener? Here is a list of breath fresheners you can get in grocery stores around