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EnglishLooking for a cheaper email marketing service than my current plan. [10.000 subs - $30 per month].

Anything between 20 - 25 will earn the reward. Thanks

kiwi 6 months ago
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chrispenkavaja 6 months ago

mailkitchen is the best try it
Cashy 6 months ago
Saur 6 months ago is the best
yfcpe 6 months ago
I recommend try it out! Send 40,000 emails for 30 days, then 100/day forever.
jose198531 5 months ago
Coconuticecream 5 months ago
Have you tried Fiverr? There are several people who do marketing and copywriting for as cheap as $5 per project.
daveadnick 5 months ago
I do that personally. You could check out my blog or contact me on ICQ bleaksales. Thanks
Kate9981 5 months ago
danial_mm 5 months ago
ha878ah 5 months ago

check this
vuqar 5 months ago
shafz 5 months ago
heyy u should try out its pretty good.
Aldrin 5 months ago
web 5 months ago
ols 5 months ago
Nishan448 5 months ago
alsuy 5 months ago
bjai 5 months ago Correct
So, if you go for free you the brand will have their watermark. If you wanna get a paid one then MailKitchen is the best one at a cheaper rate. you can get up to 20,000 Emails Per Month Just of $6.93 per year.

Here is the link for you.
kiwi 4 months ago
You meant 6.93 per month. Which is good.
Thank you
mehdiyev 5 months ago is the best
usay 5 months ago
this is >>>
christianvengosierra 5 months ago

la mejor web de marketing digital
hodl13348 5 months ago
Abraham2020 5 months ago
I recommend
tybolt9 4 months ago
2000 emails a day free!!

B2B mail blaster
Hollic 4 months ago
I will recommend