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EnglishHow many Bitcoin were sold to drop the price 15% from $9700 to $8500 on the 10th of May?

Looking an answer with accurate data for the following: Largest sell order Which exchange Total volume Thanks

Missalikh 6 months ago
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MasBro 6 months ago
Circulating Supply

18,376,081 / 21,000,000

When need bitcoin from reference volume

I have average 725 Bitcoin have Sold on global market, and than market make price down at 8500/BTC


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Missalikh 5 months ago
Hi, you mean 700 sell order drove bots to continue selling on all other exchanges? Got a backup link to further solidify this claim?
Bitmen 6 months ago
una ballena vendio Bitcoins por el valor de 2.685.542 dólares en BitMEX
gazioktay 6 months ago
elpasta 6 months ago
about 7million usd worth of bitcoin

my bitcoin address. 1D4W7VvDaUGkLzAGkRgDu3eCiBQJsYHBdb
bmw 5 months ago
2700 btc
Kate9981 5 months ago

This describes it in detail.
Missalikh 5 months ago
I've read it but couldn't find what I was asking...
vuqar 5 months ago
Miss Mike 5 months ago Correct
1200 @8:00am on the world wide bitcoin exchange and total volume not represented on chart specificity.
Missalikh 5 months ago
Hi, So one large sell order drove bots to continue sell pressure on other exchanges?
By world wide bitcoin exchange? You mean one specifically?Link? Or you mean all in general? Thanks
Missalikh 3 months ago
Anyway, thanks.
NickHelp 5 months ago
Around 2750 btc.
Cryptokid 5 months ago
10% of the market
christianvengosierra 5 months ago
Si el mercado cae repentinamente de forma brusca sin razones fundamentales objetivas, significa que alguien mueve el precio con la ayuda de grandes transacciones. En otras palabras, en todas las situaciones incomprensibles se acostumbra a culpar a las ballenas, que crean una gran ola en el mercado por sus movimientos. Esta vez, los traders también han encontrado el rastro de una ballena.

Según el servicio WhaleTrades que rastrea las grandes transacciones criptográficas, alguien vendió bitcoins por valor de 2.685.542 dólares en BitMEX en el par XBT/USD aproximadamente media hora antes de que el precio se derrumbara. mi direccion btc es bc1qzasggddjn4hz60lrd5px6ay4vhy0g25n5yx0sj
Yassinus 5 months ago
More than 1000 BTC was Moved to Exchanges..
FatihFatih 5 months ago
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Abraham2020 5 months ago
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Hazeyin 4 months ago
2700 kadae Bitcoin
try 4 months ago
gimana sih ini caranya?
XMoney 4 months ago
Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange took hit first.

Coinbase has buckled under stress and was down like in March.

Bitcoin sold at 1,829,268 to represent $15 Billion Dollars at average of $8,200/BTC

Total Volume: 63,325,279,336


keka95 4 months ago
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