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EnglishGive me 10 blog post titles/headlines for my website

Give me 10 blog post titles/headlines for my website related to classic board/card games that you think would attract customers/readers.

amante 8 years ago
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  • Blogging

gagandeep kaur 8 years ago
1.) board/card games to make you a better person.
2.) cool games with classic boards and cards.
3.) classic board and card games for dude gamers.
4.) gaming make you feel like winners.
5.) collection of board and card games.
6.) illuminati board game cards.
7.) board games with cards.
8.) game card.
9.) rush of gamer for classic board and card games.
10.) competitors gaming with classic card and board.

Thank you
Zeus 8 years ago
1 ) Adventurous like Conan 2) Mysterious like Sherlock 3) Lover like Casanova 4) Scandalous like Clinton 5) Warlord like Alexander 6) Mythical like Zeus 7) Romantic like Aphrodite 8) Tricky like Joker 9) Childish like squarepants 10) Entrepreneur like Gates
hermesesus 8 years ago Correct
1. Discover the wonderful world of board games.
2. Find the game that suits your style.
3. Games for all tastes and for all ages.
4. Most popular board games.
5. Best-selling board games.
6. Games recommended by players.
7. Games for beginners.
8. Games for enthusiasts.
9. Games for geeks.
10. Best games for the family.
11. Best games for kids.
amante 8 years ago
Perfect thanks!