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EnglishWhat's the name of this beautiful purple plant species?

A link with scientific name will do. Thanks

Bitfortip 6 months ago
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wozlonobs 6 months ago Correct
It is Bougainville.
Bitfortip 6 months ago
Thanks for the tip.
Hannah Hart 6 months ago
This is Bougainvillea (also known as paper flower).

Here's more info -
le093 6 months ago
Bougainville Island
kjones1987 6 months ago
It is Bougainvillea. It can grow year round depending on where you live, but really thrives in sun and warm weather. You can grow it over different aspects of your house if you have a Trellis or an Arbor. Some people like to grow it over fencing just for looks, but totally your preference on that. There are lots of websites out there with growing tips, but definitely needs sunlight if you really want strong flowering. Here are some other resources.
nicole 6 months ago

The scientific name is Boungainvillea glabra
davidclage 6 months ago
Bougainvillea :)