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Looking for the best ointment as an alternative treatment to reduce skin pain from herpes zoster

KonstantinosKostoulas 6 months ago

Seyi 5 months ago
salrod 4 months ago

try manuka honey or clover honey

There is also the ointment named Zostrix that contains Capsaicin
Mena 4 months ago
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ferg 4 months ago
Miss Mike 4 months ago Correct
Good evening, I would highly suggest you get a shingles vaccine. I did and it worked very well for me. And I was in my early 70's when it hit me. But if you can't get one right now having a compress of yarrow may help if you can't make a cream or ointment of cannabis, myrrh and frankincense mixture. These are the biblical ingredients best suited for most viral diseases. Also, they are antibacterial and antiseptic. Good luck.