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EnglishFind any misspells or typo errors on my bitcoin website and earn 0.001 BTC! 9 years ago

badvodka 9 years ago
Why Everyone Love Bitcoin Lottery? Doesn't make sense. Should be "Why Everyone Loves Bitcoin Lottery?"
givemearoll 9 years ago Correct
- Posts with only 1 vote, shows "1 votes".
- There is a russian word below the "leave a reply" text.
- The guide named "Why Everyone Love Bitcoin Lottery?" misses a 's' in 'Love'.
- In the same guide, the following phrase "These three sites all over unique experiences, quick turnaround time, and a good chance of winning. As such, we recommend you give them a shot.", sounds better if instead of "all over" you use "offer".
- In the guide "Simple Ways To Sell Your Bitcoins For Cash", under "Exchange Services" in this phrase "Should you wish to use this type of service, we urge you to conduct extensive research before sending any of your bitcoins through the platform.", replace "should" with "If".
- In the main page, under Decentralized Currency the word "miners" has a comma inside the quote ("miners,"), the comma should be located outside the quote.
- There's no need to have a capital letter in every word in the titles unless it mentions relevant stuff like ex. people names, company names, etc. (this is just a suggestion)