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EnglishFind me a Twitter service where you can come in contact with people that have lot's of genuine followers and you can pay them an agreed amount to promote your service,website e.t.c with a Tweet.

I've looked through the internet and i only found one service like that, that required a 40$ fee registration fee. Unfortunately i don't remember the site's name but I do remember that it had bad reviews so i stayed away. Can you find me something similar that is actually reliable and efficient? Clarification: -I am not looking for the usual Twitter service that many offer where they retweet something thousands of times meaningless to their fake audience -No If you can find a good reliable service you will get the reward.

Bitfortip 8 years ago
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aanpool 8 years ago
Hello,I personally enjoyed the followers to more than 10,000,watch carefully-rated performers can add a lot of fake followers, I have all the normal-my Audit score 97%(Twitter Audit Report).
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Hi, I think seoclerks is kind like fiverr? Please correct me if i am wrong.
TBZ1 8 years ago Correct
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Hi, Unfortunately it isn't what i am looking for.
TBZ1 8 years ago
midobaklouti 8 years ago
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Giving the same reply won't work.
SpoopyForry 8 years ago
I have a semi generic marketing site which is this ( and also
( ) this article might help you out for marketing as it has contacts to top marketing induviduals that can promote your brand. As for a service this one is alright however it requires registration and it targets mostly people in Africa. Websites like seoclerks and fiverr are bs but there isn't an way to contact people through a website, you will have to dm them.
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Do they have a contact form where they offer twitter promotion? ( The top marketing individuals ) Or i just have to follow them ? Maybe follow me back and then i can contact directly with a twitter message?
sparkeddev 8 years ago
BitTeaser Allowing free press releases right now

and a user who is well known in the crypto currency community whom i can vouch for:
Some of his pages:

Fiver is also a good choice
Bitfortip 8 years ago has been mentioned in ;)
tadakaluri 8 years ago
You can see lot of best cheap offers on Fiverr.
Bitfortip 8 years ago
In the description i said no
cuser 8 years ago
I recommend
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Hi, Thank you for your post. But these are twitter services that many offer. I am looking for something specific.
Misha Yazdi 8 years ago
How about trying
Raymond Barbosa 8 years ago
MrSmith 8 years ago
Check out the following; Tons of great twitter services that can help you build a strong following. The key to Twitter is consistency and tons of research. Being that this social market is forever changing, your reserach never dies and you must stay on top of trends. Good luck.
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Dear MrSmith. Thank you for your link with the 50 twitter services. Unfortunately i didn't found the one that i was asking in the description.
yukenz 8 years ago
Go on in the market place there is plenty of services concerning advertissing on twitter
LePepe 8 years ago
likenation is great if you want to gain folowers for your account, I think that's better than paying some shady website
Rafael Freitas 8 years ago
AnaneChebli 8 years ago
Google Adwords
Laxangel 8 years ago
Bhupendra Singh 8 years ago
hey, one of my friend referred me about the
cyclops88 8 years ago
Being able to reply to comments would be nice - I forgot my address in my other post: 11SkhEEzcWzuSBNApT7XLzrmSJy6pGWgX
Bitfortip 8 years ago
You can reply to comments. I've just credited your account.
Bitfortip 8 years ago sent
bitcoinpoet 8 years ago
There used to be called a service named "feedzebirds' where you could earn btc for retweets but it is long gone.
Bit_It06 8 years ago
This might help you
pounder 8 years ago
There are people on ebay who have many real followers themselves and give you a re-tweet to them for a small fee. Is that what you want?
Bitfortip 8 years ago
Yes. I am looking something like this. Can you give me a link?
minimumrisk 8 years ago
You should try out

There is a 3 day free trial as well.
zGeek 8 years ago
I am sure you will find services like this on or There are a lot of people who can do this.
Gryphon2 8 years ago specializes in this
hermesesus 8 years ago
Ivaylo Stoyanov 8 years ago
Hello I can direct you personally to one person check this profile and message him one post is about $5 but he have 390000+ active followers:

Rubel220 8 years ago
You’re taking the dive into a new social network, or you’re itching to grow your existing profile. You’ve got a social media strategy in place and a plan in mind. You’re raring to go.

What would be one of the most encouraging signs when you’re first starting off? I imagine it’d be gaining followers.

So how do new social media accounts do it? How do you gain your first 1,000 followers on social media or grow an account from dozens to hundreds?

Follower count is one of those metrics that has tons of meaning—both for the confidence of the social media manager and for the distribution of the content you share. If you want to grow your followers, there are tons of useful tips to try. Here are some key learnings I’ve drummed up about how to get that first initial batch of followers on each of the six major social media networks (specifically Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.
allinbox 8 years ago
I think the best solution might be this one

There u have a lot of options to promote whatever u want and have the highest chances to get usefull retweets.
[email protected] 8 years ago
jonathgb25 8 years ago
You can do it with my account. I have more than 6000 followers and I can give you cheap advertising. Check my account @JonathanGBurac send a DM if you want.
Reece Cook 8 years ago
find an account / list that sells promo (stated in their bio)

ask if they run or are part of a tweetdeck - these are legitimate accounts with legitimate followers & can be as big as 100-200 accounts with potential millions of followers overall
Jurica Đurinski 8 years ago

it's intended to be for crowdfunding projects, but you can contact sellers and ask to do it for your service, or what...