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EnglishWhat is the most popular category on

Алексей Нефедов 9 years ago

TheDude 9 years ago
electical appliance (tablets,smartphones,pc etc) :)
Bitfortip 9 years ago
Hi! The most popular category is in Clothing, SHoes & Accesories and more specific D etskaya Shoes ! :)
zuguru 9 years ago
electical appliances are the best
Birsan Dragos-Cristian 9 years ago
Household appliances, electronics, computers, phones

бытовая техника, электроника, компьютеры, телефоны
jack 9 years ago
I do not know
CJ 9 years ago
Shoes are the best
chitranjan 8 years ago
The site has electronic products as it's most popular category and there are so many products that they are offering under that category, but the site doesn't seems to be that trust worthy.
MegaBish 8 years ago Correct
maybe rare coins
bubbsandbubbs3 8 years ago
Fake poop (wild guess)
meditatingdog 8 years ago
electronic products
Arnab 8 years ago
electronical stuff as because people loves tech mostly