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EnglishIs there an ice-cream place or restaurant in Hawke's bay New Zealand that accepts Bitcoin?

kiwi 8 years ago
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Tomal 8 years ago
Danish Delight Ice Cream Parlor, Napier, Napier
kiwi 8 years ago
Hi. Got any link with proof?
Shahzad Ahmed Leghari 8 years ago
I Dont Think soo mate :)
rick 8 years ago Correct
Yes I think there is.

Fajitas Mexican Bar & Grill
Hastings, New Zealand

I couldn't find a website for them, but they are listed on this site:

Someone called 'Kirin Harrison' posted a review of the place on Jan 26, 2014, the review reads as follows:
"Think we had the first transaction in the Hawke's Bay with BITCOINS. Had a lovely family meal with plenty of tasty options. Good atmosphere with live music. Very nice waiting staff and handled their first bitcoin transaction with real patience as it was a learning curve for us all! Will definitely go again. "

Google has a cache of the page with that comment here:
kiwi 8 years ago
Thanks a lot, Very pleased that Bitcoin has come to the Bay,!!