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EnglishWhich is the best cost effective option to travel to Uluru - Alice Springs from Melbourne?

Zeus 9 years ago
  • Uluru

Matthew Holt 9 years ago
I would have thought a train to Alice Springs then a coach trip.
Zeus 9 years ago
Yes but i am looking for 3-4 day trip. Train would drain so much time. And unfortunately the trains in Australia are not near as good as the ones in Europe....
NICE14 3 years ago
yes understand
Austin 1 month ago
Here are some options for traveling from Melbourne to Uluru ¹:
- Fly: 4h 51m, $182–502
- Bus: 40h 44m, $266–537
- Train and bus: 46h 17m, $497–1,021
- Drive: 24h 17m, $295–426
ElioFilipe 9 years ago
By train, of course.
Adam Waterman 8 years ago
Zeus If you want cost effective and sight seeing hitch hike :) you get to see so much of our great country and its free/ cheap.
Zeus 8 years ago
I may be Zeus and love adventure. But i don't want to get raped! lol