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EnglishWhat's the cheapest way of buying on Amazon?

I already know, but I want even cheaper ways.

marc30 8 years ago
  • Amazon

TBZ1 8 years ago
The cheapest way to buy on Amazon is to commit fraud. Are you seriously asking us to point you to black market sources? (Buying gift cards with someone's stolen payment information used to load them, then selling them at pennies on the dollar, because after all, it's the victim's money, regardless of how it's insured against ID theft & fraud.)
marc30 8 years ago is not a fraud. Or doesn't seem like one.
TBZ1 8 years ago
"Hey, this is fraud." - says every fraud criminal ever.
lildyl1 8 years ago
buy stuff
marc30 8 years ago
Really? lol
Matheus Luciano 8 years ago
In the store, don't paying freight.
Ulysses Fox 8 years ago
Look at things that you like and add them to your cart. Wait a little while and you should be offered a discount. You can also sign up again and again to keep using amazon prime to get free one day delivery. If you need to buy something now make sure you delete cookies as they will raise the price if they think you want it.
PlanetVaster 8 years ago
The cheapest way to shop on amazon is by just shopping. If you use it a lot get amazon prime it's $99 a year but it has movies and music to stream like spotify and netflix, plus you get free shipping (2 day I think plus you can get a discount on 1 day shipping). Also I recommend you use it's a browser extension that gives you coupons for things on amazon.
Marceline 8 years ago
Using coupons that you find on the browser. Also this may be a chunk of money you're putting in but you could sign up for a year membership and you'll have free two day shipping no matter how small the order and you can share that with members of family. You can stream certain videos and you can get one book lended to you every month. Amazon already shows better deals for the item you're searching for so really it's already providing you with the best deal.
pandapod 8 years ago
Wait untill you get some cupon for free shipping.
jamatrix 8 years ago Correct
go to and open an account then create an offer to trade bitcoin for an amazon gift certificate. You can get 50% off amazon in most instances even up to 75 if you find someone desperate to buy some bitcoin. LBC hold the bitcoin in escrow until you load the gift certificate so it is a safe way to trade. I can help you further if you like just let me know