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EnglishThe cheapest Galaxy S7 Edge

Where can I buy the cheapest Galaxy S7 Edge in an online store (eBay doesn't count)?

marc30 8 years ago
  • Galaxy S7

derekreinhard 8 years ago Correct
Hey, good question!

I'm going to assume you are in the US and you want it unlocked.

You can get dual SIM unlocked on Amazon for as low as $744 in this group -

At BestBuy you get free shipping but they are currently $820 -

You said eBay doesn't count, but I still looked and filtered "Buy it now" and found them starting at at $660 -

Happy hunting!
marc30 8 years ago
Yes, you can assume I'm in US, since I'll go there soon. Any other stores?
derekreinhard 8 years ago
Great. Then you have $800 at Walmart (online or instore pickup);
marc30 8 years ago
So Amazon is the cheapest so far. I need the international version, it's the same price at Ebay.