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EnglishBest deal for and 2.5 ~500gb SSD

Looking for the best deal to get 2.5' 500gb internal SDD (for laptop). Sometimes volume differs +-50gb from model to model and its ok. <br /> <br /> The second criteria is that I want it shipped to Latvia, so european shipping is essential.

Danchello 8 years ago
  • Ssd
  • Laptop Parts

TBZ1 8 years ago 75,03 EUR+11,88 EUR shipping
kika 8 years ago
They are starting from: 130.39$ (with free shipping some)!
ruud8 8 years ago
Seagate 500 GB 2.5" 5400RPM SATA 64MB(SSD 8MB) Hard Disk Drive Laptop Festplatte EUR 47.63 Free Shipping Int'l
derekreinhard 8 years ago Correct
A few choices:

3 different kits here

17 "Buy it Now"

Good luck!
Heidar Ariaei 8 years ago
ssd has perfect speed
barbosagroess 8 years ago
Lsg Moephudi 8 years ago
Danchello 8 years ago
wow, thanks for help. Here your reward -> 1 bitcoin