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EnglishLowest price for an Apple Iphone 5S(Used)

Hi, I am interested in buying an Apple iphone 5s,used in a good condition.<br /> Would much appricate if you give me the best price for that, Amazon is preferred.<br /> <br /> Thank you

liad242 7 years ago

derekreinhard 7 years ago
Unlocked GSM, free shipping. US$258
Logan Daniels 7 years ago
EuropesNinja 7 years ago
250-300 dollars would be good.
lachlan3142 7 years ago This web link will show you multiple answers to your question, they go for around $170. (It's amazon to confirm)
Lsg Moephudi 7 years ago
delight 7 years ago
around 120-150 dollars
ekmo81233 7 years ago Correct
hi, can I have the coins please?
liad242 7 years ago
sure you can, sorry for waiting!