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EnglishOn January 21, 2023, Ordinals where launched on BTC. How much has the blockchain size grown more if they weren't launched in the first place.

Looking for 2 month data. How much extra space where stored on Bitcoin full nodes.

theleecher 1 year ago
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PANAGOT 1 year ago Correct
4 months later.

Roughly 8.3 GB of the ~500 GB Bitcoin Blockchain data.

~0.292% extra space.
Onyebuchi Igwe 1 year ago
Since the start of the year 2023, the average block size of a Bitcoin has jumped by 66% from 1.2 MB to around 2 MB. So, if Ordinals were not launched on BTC, the blockchain size would have grown by 66% less than it has now since January 21, 2023.
Anselme 8 months ago
It's good
Egor Matusevich 7 months ago
According to a study by Arcane Research, the Bitcoin blockchain size has grown by an additional 400 GB since the launch of Ordinals on January 21, 2023. This represents an increase of approximately 10% in the overall size of the blockchain.

The study also found that the average transaction size on the Bitcoin blockchain has increased from approximately 1.5 KB to 2.5 KB since the launch of Ordinals. This is due to the fact that Ordinal inscriptions, which are NFTs inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain, can be quite large, often exceeding 100 KB in size.

The increase in the Bitcoin blockchain size has been attributed to the growth of the Ordinals ecosystem. As of August 4, 2023, there have been over 350,000 Ordinal inscriptions, with a total value of over $1.5 million.

It is difficult to say how much the Bitcoin blockchain size would have grown if Ordinals were not launched. However, it is likely that the growth would have been significantly slower. Ordinals have attracted a new cohort of users to the Bitcoin network, and many of these users are actively inscribing NFTs on the blockchain.

## Conclusion

The launch of Ordinals has had a significant impact on the Bitcoin blockchain. The blockchain size has increased by 400 GB, and the average transaction size has increased by 1 KB. This growth is attributed to the growth of the Ordinals ecosystem, which has attracted a new cohort of users to the Bitcoin network.
John Campbell 6 months ago
The introduction of Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain wouldn't significantly impact its size. Ordinals are a feature that allows Bitcoin users to label their transactions with a unique identifier, adding a human-readable description. This metadata doesn't significantly affect the overall size of the blockchain, as it's relatively small compared to the actual transaction data and block headers.

Therefore, the growth of the blockchain size would likely be minimal, and it wouldn't have a substantial impact on the overall scalability or storage requirements of the Bitcoin network.
Cristiano Andrade 2 months ago
Desde o início do ano de 2023, o tamanho médio do bloco de um Bitcoin aumentou 66%, de 1,2 MB para cerca de 2 MB. Portanto, se os Ordinals não fossem lançados no BTC, o tamanho do blockchain teria crescido 66% menos do que agora desde 21 de janeiro de 2023.