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EnglishOn January 21, 2023, Ordinals where launched on BTC. How much has the blockchain size grown more if they weren't launched in the first place.

Looking for 2 month data. How much extra space where stored on Bitcoin full nodes.

theleecher 5 months ago
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PANAGOT 5 months ago Correct
4 months later.

Roughly 8.3 GB of the ~500 GB Bitcoin Blockchain data.

~0.292% extra space.
Onyebuchi Igwe 4 months ago
Since the start of the year 2023, the average block size of a Bitcoin has jumped by 66% from 1.2 MB to around 2 MB. So, if Ordinals were not launched on BTC, the blockchain size would have grown by 66% less than it has now since January 21, 2023.