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EnglishWhat event triggered this instagram friend suggestion?

Saw a guy that we used to play football together 1st time after 12 years inside a supermarket. Spoke for about 10 minutes. Gave him my number. Didn't remember his named and didn't want to offend him what his name was so I searched him and found him in Facebook. Didn't send a friend request. After 3 days Instagram suggested him to me. No mutual connections. How does the algorithm worked here? Was it because we exchanged numbers? Instagram found we were talking for about 10 minutes? Was it about I searched him on Facebook? Instagram and Facebook aren't connected.

bchsolo1 1 year ago
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Pranay 1 year ago
It's possible that Instagram's suggestion algorithm took into account your recent interactions with this person, such as exchanging phone numbers and speaking for a few minutes, as well as your search for him on Facebook. It's also possible that the algorithm considers other factors, such as your location, your mutual interests and activities, and your past interactions on social media.

It's worth noting that algorithms used by social media platforms like Instagram are complex and often involve multiple factors in determining who to suggest to users. These algorithms are designed to show users content and connections that they might find interesting or relevant, but they are not always completely accurate or transparent.
Edwic 1 year ago
seems like a bit of a stretch but it may be true
Ahmed 1 year ago
عندما تضيف شخصًا إلى جهات الاتصال ، يقرأ Instagram جهات الاتصال الخاصة بك بأرقام الهواتف ويقترح عليك مستخدمي Instagram ، "المعروفين" بواسطتك. يقارن جميع جهات الاتصال الخاصة بك بالمستخدمين الحاليين ، عن طريق الهاتف المستخدم في التسجيل.
jam jam 1 year ago
Instagram and Facebook use similar algorithms to suggest friends and accounts to users. The algorithm takes into account various factors such as location, mutual friends, interests, and activity.

It's likely that the algorithm suggested your former football teammate to you on Instagram because it detected that you two were in close proximity to each other at the same time, likely in the supermarket. It's also possible that the algorithm took into account the fact that you exchanged numbers, as this could indicate a potential connection.

It's also possible that the algorithm took into account your search on Facebook, as searching for someone's name on the platform could indicate an interest in connecting with that person. However, it's important to note that Instagram and Facebook are separate platforms, so they do not share data directly.

It's also possible that you might have been looking for something similar on Instagram or Facebook, and that's how the algorithm suggested him, or that the algorithm noticed that he was searching for you too.

It's also possible that you have some common friends on Instagram which the algorithm took into account.

It's difficult to say for certain how the algorithm worked in this specific situation without access to your personal data and without more information about your activity on both platforms. But generally, these are the factors that algorithms take into account to suggest users and accounts.
Kald 1 year ago
Verry good idea
Patrick 10 months ago
É porque o Facebook e o Instagram estão conectados ao seu telefone e quando você pesquisa em um local da Internet, ambos os aps veem sua atividade e a usam. É por isso que você tem uma sugestão sobre um enquanto apenas pesquisou sobre o outro
عاشقة الورود 1 year ago
Now Meta has algorithms that no one knows
عاشقة الورود 1 year ago
Now Meta has algorithms that no one knows
Javiel 1 year ago
Si es verdad, deberían cancelarlos todos, antes estaba mejor,
ali 1 year ago
Edwic 1 year ago
Seems quite odd, however the only reason I could possibly think of is that either
1. Your weirdly lucky
2. Instagram can see into you search history and other stuff and found this guy and recommended him to you(happened to me before)
diyazo 1 year ago
I think there is som codes in the android program give the big companyes like Instagram and Facebook to see you and your guy then they try to make contact between you and him
kast 1 year ago
Good idea
Fady 1 year ago
Meta has algorithm that no one knows about it
carlos 1 year ago
There are six points that the algorithm values the most -

1 Interests

The algorithm predicts how much you care about a certain dynamic. If it thinks you're paying attention, it will move that one to the front. This prediction is based on your interest in similar content in the past.

2 Heat

Look at when a news was last forwarded, and the older it is, the further back it goes.

3 Relationships

People who watch the news don't interact with you much. For example, the more frequently you comment on each other, or name each other, the algorithm will think that the closer you are to the TA, and the dynamics will be in the front row.

In addition to the three most important data, there are three other indicators that will influence the ranking of the algorithm -

4 How often to brush

Look at how often you flop the Instagram app, and the algorithm decides how long ago it is appropriate to retrace your activity for you.

5 How long to brush at a time

Look at how long you stay on Instagram each time you open it, and the algorithm decides how to get you to see more in a limited amount of time.

6 How many people to follow

If you follow a lot of people, the algorithm has to select some from the pile to push to the front row, and others may take a long time to see.
Mohamed ali Hammami 1 year ago
Instagram has access to everything on your phone, even your contact list, so I wondered how it's possible ? is Instagram or Facebook hearing my conversations? No, they do things differently. Instagram, Facebook, etc., have access to everything, and they store everything. Every time we use our apps the app saves our location . You were in the same location as this user and searched for him on Instagram, so he showed up in your suggestions. "same location + research = suggestion"
Kevin Barnard 1 year ago
It's because Facebook and Instagram are connected to your phone. When you search from a internet location both aps see your activity and use it. This is why you have a suggestion on one while you only searched on the other.
Rodrigo Godinho Montes 1 year ago Correct
When you add someone to contacts, Instagram reads your contacts with phone numbers and suggest you the Instagram users, that are “known” by you. It compares all your contacts to existing users, by the phone used in registration.
Pablo 1 year ago
Es simple todo está conectado porque es web 2.0 las búsquedas que tenes en otros lados, intercambio de contactos, escuchas, te las recomienda, como pasó con tu amigo en facebook, estás hablando con alguien sobre algo en especifico, al poco tiempo te aparecen noticias o venta de ese producto que estabas hablando. El smartphone escucha todo y tiene un algoritmo especifico de recomendación para facilitar tus pensamientos. Justamente, la privacidad es lo que se busca para el futuro de la tecnología, la web 3.0, para que justamente, los datos de todos nosotros, la información y lo que estemos pensando, hablando o intercambiando con una persona, no se filtre y se mantenga en su total privacidad. Espero que te sirva y se agradece la recompensa si fue productiva mi respuesta, saludos!!
Lionlivity 1 year ago
the microphone is activated
Valerie 1 year ago
it is because your search on Facebook that 3rd party services.. basically everything and I mean everything you do on face book web browsers ex.. you basically leave behind a footprint of where you been so they store that data and use it for future like interest in things people places ,,so that is the reason your friend poped up all of a sudden 😉
tylyne 1 year ago
Good idea
Hlumelo 1 year ago
The Instagram algorithm are a lot more complex compared to Meta, because you exchanged numbers, and talked for 10 minutes, he automatically became a friend suggestion.
This feature is designed to show you other Instagram accounts that are similar to the user you just followed. The suggested Instagram accounts are determined by an algorithm, and are surprisingly super effective. Instagram’s Suggested feature has actually been around for almost 2 years, but it’s definitely an under-utilized feature that has a lot of potential to help you with your Instagram marketing strategy!
Cleverson dos Santos 7 months ago
Sugestões no Instagram são pessoas que visitaram seu perfil, mas também pode ser a sua atividade na tua conta Google, com base em contatos, interesses, etc.