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EnglishCan anyone help me find this song?

Recorded via my phone while it was playing on the radio. Link: Thanks

PANAGOT 9 months ago
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  • Radio
  • Song

AJ 9 months ago Correct
Willy William - Trompeta or a remix of the song! Sounds like the original, though. 2nd drop
PANAGOT 9 months ago
Thank you !!!
Dieudonne 9 months ago
You can ask your Google Assistant to identify songs that play around you.
Ovik 6 months ago
I think this is,Willy William - Trompeta or a remix of the song.
adams22 8 months ago
go to music x
Ahmed 8 months ago
نعم كلامك صح
Azad 7 months ago
Yes that's right
wizard 6 months ago
hello, can use Shazam. (the app, not the super hero)
Abdaltifali 4 months ago
ABRAHAM 4 months ago
Willy William - Trompeta
Gleicimara Silva Vieira Soares 4 months ago
willy william - trompeta isso ai
Rasha 4 months ago
Omar9999 3 months ago
João Otávio Ferreira De Souza 1 month ago