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EnglishAnyone has the cold storage addresses for BTC,ETH on FTX exchange?

What kind of movements did the CEO did? Any good chain analysis you can provide? Did Sam Bankman Fried really withdrew BTC, ETH to save Alameda and gamble user's deposits?

bchsolo1 2 months ago
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ambrose 1 month ago
the CEO manages and control the operations of the bitfortip,
Bankman used BTC,ETC and has been facing trials in court
Ren Ben 3 weeks ago
They over leverage even they not liquid enough.
jkingx25 3 weeks ago
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wowa 3 weeks ago
Прямо перед коллапсом криптобиржи FTX трейдинговая фирма Alameda Research пыталась вывести около 3000 Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC), то есть «обёрнутых» биткоинов в другом блокчейне. Об этом накануне заявил генеральный директор кастодиальной фирмы BitGo Майк Белш во время онлайн-конференции в Twitter Spaces. По его словам, один из сотрудников Alameda пытался вывести монеты, но его запрос не был одобрен BitGo, так как он не прошёл процедуру верификации. Рассказываем о ситуации подробнее.
Abdo271940 3 weeks ago
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stephen 3 weeks ago
the ideal CEO should do it
aj_rolex_17 3 weeks ago
They share it together
cookie 3 weeks ago
I don't think he really withdrew the currencies because they aren't controlled by anyone in particular
Mirabel Moore 2 weeks ago
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shourov 2 weeks ago
The great and ideal CEO should do that
Bakang Thema Molosiwa 2 weeks ago
I am not aware of any publicly available cold storage addresses for BTC, ETH or any other cryptocurrencies on the FTX exchange. Cold storage addresses are typically kept private and secure by the exchange in order to protect user's funds.

It is important to note that users should not share their private keys or deposit their funds into addresses provided by third parties, as this can lead to the loss of funds due to hacking or phishing attempts. It is always recommended to use the deposit addresses provided by the exchange and to double check the authenticity of the address before depositing any funds.
Musa 2 weeks ago
Musa 2 weeks ago
they are share together
Ben 2 weeks ago
CEO Of FTX Exchange (Bank Friedman) Yes indeed they used portfolios of unsuspecting investors Bitcoin Ethereum or anything on the platform and snatched it all up and yes gambled it away. With Cold Wallets, They are not connected to the internet in any way shape or form and therefore making your funds safe. Seems Like A Pretty Smart move. Furthermore, Yes he did use the money to save Alameda and Withdraw funds but overall cold wallets are safe.
lecrimi 2 weeks ago
is very good
Michael 2 weeks ago
Its said that SBF withdrew some funds.
houssam frimane 2 weeks ago
is the futre btc is the future
aalbaron 1 week ago
Yes , nice
Wagaaaalby 1 week ago
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Gianpol 1 week ago
Very good
Cool 1 week ago
by moving customer assets into his own accounts
Jesse Warren 1 week ago
Sam Bankman Freed, SBF, what is the CEO of FTX and probably the originator and the gross mismanagement of $700,000,000 in client funds to a partner company called Almeidiai inc. After Almeida collected the 700,000,000 they borrowed against client funds of the FTX token. Thus inflating the price of the FTX token, making it look more advantageous than it was. As for the cold wallets I believe they are unable to be touched due to litigation and the court systems.
Lucas 1 week ago
Vamos aguardar o julgamento.
Leticia 1 week ago
Yes, this is correct
Dzidepo 1 week ago
How to move your cryptocurrency to cold storage

It’s important to buy your cold storage wallet directly from the manufacturer. The last thing you’d want to do is end up with a device that has been set up with a known password, designed to defraud you.

1. Plug your cold storage device into your computer.

2. Download the software provided with your cold storage wallet.

3. You’ll be given a seed phrase or backup code. It’s best to keep this code offline and safe, somewhere where it won’t be lost or accessible by others. Write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a safe.

4. Each type of cryptocurrency (such as bitcoin
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7. To take your cryptocurrency off of an exchange, log on to the exchange and send the digital assets to the address of your cold storage wallet.

Keep your cold storage somewhere safe and remember, if you lose it along with your seed phrase, your money can’t be recovered. If you lose your hardware wallet, but still have your seed phrase, you can buy another hardware wallet and access your assets.

It’s a little risky knowing that if you misplace this device along with the seed phrase, there’s nothing you can do, but at least you have full custody of your assets, unlike when your digital assets are tied to an exchange.
ronny2 6 days ago
Very good
Khaled 6 days ago
they share together
Khaled 6 days ago
the CEO manages and control the operations of the bitfortip, Bankman used BTC,ETC and has been facing trials in court
Amr El-Gazzar 4 days ago
Chef executive officer
fatma 4 days ago
Mani Diva 3 days ago
CEO manages and control the operations of the bitfortip, Bankman used BTC,ETC and has been facing trials in court
Melchior 1 day ago
Tava 3 hours ago
Seriously ?